SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) - GreenButton™, the leading provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions, today announced the successful deployment of its high power computing (HPC) solution in a media and entertainment environment. The company played an integral role in helping PROAN Entertainment, a division of Grupo PROAN and a leading digital studio based in Mexico, finish Mexico's first open source 3D movie, "Pepito - La Película" on time and within budget.

"GreenButton has an impeccable reputation in the media and entertainment market," said Alejandro "Chino" Maldonado, Post Production Director (CGA). "With our time frames and budget, we never would have met our targets without GreenButton. The platform, the technical support, and the pricing have been instrumental in enabling PROAN to complete the project in record time."

In developing this full-length animated feature, the creators found it would take 13.7 years to render the movie using their current computers, spurring the studio to look for alternate solutions. The goal was to find the best rendering program within the budget as well as offer full technical support across time zones. The producers chose Blender, a free open source 3D content creation suite, which enabled them to integrate many features like ZBrush and Particle Emission. 

In addition, they choose GreenButton to enable Blender users to render their jobs at a high performance computing speed to boost the software's performance and significantly reducing processing time, as well as offering live technical support in the same time zone.

A key advantage to using GreenButton is Blender's ability to run on Windows Azure so that users can offload their rendering to the cloud for processing. PROAN Entertainment used eight core instances in Windows Azure with 14GB RAM and about 1600 cores at peaks. This made it very easy to set up GreenButton, with the most difficult issue being getting the movie scenes cleaned up and setting them up correctly for GreenButton to render. The live technical support was also a key component, ensuring the scenes were set up correctly and good to go in no time.

"GreenButton played a key role in reducing 13.7 years to four months of production and three months in post-production," said Scott Houston, GreenButton's CEO. "At least six months of rendering time and 85% infrastructure costs have been saved in using GreenButton with Blender. Now the public can look forward to an early 2014 release for 'Pepito - La Película'."

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