NEWTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) - Kaminario, the leading scale-out flash array provider, today announced the results of the Taneja Group's independent report, "Kaminario K2: The Truly Enterprise-Ready SSD Storage Array." The report comes after the firm's hands-on testing of the recently announced fourth-generation K2 all-flash array, examining its performance, scalability, storage capabilities and resiliency in databases and virtualized environments. The report found that Kaminario held up to its promises around blistering performance across mixed workloads, in addition to providing ready-for-enterprise features on top of the most sophisticated resiliency approaches on the market.

"Scalability has long been a major pain point for most solid state storage solutions as it has forced customers to outgrow their systems prematurely, and run multiple storage solutions behind higher performance applications. All leading to substantially higher operational costs," said Jeff Boles, senior analyst with the Taneja Group. "With its strategic scale-out architecture, Kaminario has taken this challenge head-on and provided customers with a general-purpose solid state flash array that is breaking barriers with its consistently high performance in IOPS and bandwidth while maintaining low latency across mixed workloads, supported by enterprise-class resiliency."

The Kaminario K2 also excelled in tests conducted in the following areas:

  • Consistent Performance Across Workloads: To test K2's performance with real-world data center workloads and virtual desktops, the Taneja Group first ran a wide-ranging mix of IO benchmarks consisting of IO patterns for different enterprise workloads. With this test, the two K-block K2 configuration demonstrated greater than 700,000 IOPS and more than 14GB/s. Only a scale-out flash architecture can provide such unprecedented I/O performance while keeping bandwidth at such high levels, and latency at such low levels.
  • High-Performing Linear Scale-Out: Examining the scalability of K2's scale-out architecture, Taneja Groups' incremental testing demonstrated that Kaminario "...scaled better than linearly" in IOPS and bandwidth, with consistently low latency." While doubling a half K-Block configuration to a full K-Block, performance doubled; adding yet another K-Block to the configuration more than doubled I/O and bandwidth performance, while keeping latency at 1ms or less. 
  • Enterprise-Class Resiliency: Taneja Group simulated a complete node failure while running an Oracle OLAP script simulating 95-percent read and 100-percent random 4k test workloads generating 35,000 IOPS. During the few seconds required for I/O restoration, the applications continued to operate with no noticeable disruption and no reported errors. As Taneja Group reports, "Kaminario K2 effectively maintains mission critical storage access, making disk, node or subsystem failures inconsequential. Following a failure, administrators can service the failed node at their leisure, proving Kaminario's claim to enterprise-class resiliency."

"Scale-out is the only valid architecture that will allow customers the linear performance and capacity required to keep up with their growing storage needs. Kaminario is the only enterprise scale-out all-flash array vendor on the market today. We keep hearing legacy vendors announce their entrance into the market, but have yet to see general availability of any other scale-out flash architecture. Meanwhile, Kaminario has been providing our customers with consistent, unsurpassed performance in any mixed workload since 2010. At the same time, we give them the peace of mind they need with our enterprise-class resiliency," said Dani Golan, CEO of Kaminario. "The Taneja Group's findings have further validated our market proven scale-out architecture."

The Taneja Group tested VMware Integration and Kaminario high-performance snapshots in addition to performance in mixed workloads and resiliency. The Taneja Group's test environment used a K2 flash-based system consisting of two K-Blocks and 24TB of capacity. All testing was performed in a virtualized test cluster running VMware ESXi 5.1. To download the Taneja Group technology validation report on the Kaminario K2 all-flash storage array, click here or visit:

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