SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) - Entelo today announced that it will exhibit at Under the Radar 2013 on May 23, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Under the Radar is Silicon Valley's premier startup showcase and will illuminate the latest innovation in business technology, including Entelo Sonar, an innovative recruiting technology platform that connects employers with high-quality technical talent.

"Only the most innovative emerging technologies are invited to present their solution to the expert panel at Under the Radar, which includes VP and C-level execs at Fortune 500 companies like Salesforce, Google, Virgin America, Bank of America, and more, who are looking to partner, purchase, or acquire innovative new technologies," said Debbie Landa, CEO, Dealmaker Media/Under the Radar. "We are extremely pleased that Entelo will be sharing its next-generation business technology with hundreds of highly-influential attendees."

Leveraging an extensive database of active and passive job seekers that includes more than 10 million IT professionals, Entelo's technology enables recruiters to focus their searches on the most qualified candidates when they are most likely to consider a new position.

Built upon a patent-pending algorithm, Entelo Sonar analyzes more than 70 variables indicative of career change, tracking everything from layoff announcements and merger and acquisition activity to length of time at current company and social profile activity. In addition, Entelo Sonar users receive email alerts informing them of candidates who show signs of coming to market.

"In today's highly competitive hiring environment, companies often struggle to find high-quality technical candidates that can meet their business objectives," said Entelo co-founder Jon Bischke. "With Entelo Sonar, we have developed a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the way employers connect with qualified software engineers and designers. We are honored to be one of the few technology providers selected to exhibit our solutions and show how it disrupts the typical recruiting process and brings greater efficiency to talent acquisition."

About Entelo
Entelo empowers companies to find the right candidates at the right time. By analyzing over 70 variables, Entelo's patent-pending Sonar platform identifies relevant job candidates for open positions who are more likely to be open to new opportunities. With its database of over 10 million candidates, Entelo also provides a powerful search engine for talent. Entelo streamlines the recruiting process, allowing recruiters to spend more time connecting with potential candidates and delivering results. For more information including pricing, please visit

About Under the Radar
Under the Radar, hosted by Dealmaker Media, is Silicon Valley's most effective innovation showcase and business development conference with hundreds of alumni startups going on to raise billions in funding, get acquired, or IPO. Under the Radar provides an unprecedented opportunity for company executives who are responsible for leveraging innovation for competitive advantage to meet and learn about B2B technology's early innovators in big data, analytics, business intelligence, enterprise mobility/BYOD/CoIT, enterprise SaaS/PaaS, cloud services, and more. More information can be found at