REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) -  ASSIA, Inc., a leading solutions company for broadband service providers, today introduced Smart Vectoring, management software to accelerate the profitable and immediate deployment of 100 Mbps vectored DSL services. ASSIA Smart Vectoring software continuously monitors and optimizes these highly sensitive 25 to 100 Mbps vectored DSL services, and is designed to enable service providers to reduce their vectored-network operation and deployment costs by up to 60 percent. ASSIA Smart Vectoring runs on all DSLs, even non-vectored, and helps accelerate vectoring deployments by continuously preparing the entire DSL network for the introduction of vectoring and by delivering speed increases in the most profitable places, at the right time.

Initial trials show that Smart Vectoring management software significantly improves all vectored DSL equipment types to upgrade the network gradually, while simultaneously managing vectored and non-vectored lines, along with all the other impairments of DSL networks that vectored equipment cannot address. Designed by the ASSIA engineers who pioneered vectoring, Smart Vectoring provides a comprehensive solution for service providers to enable them to maximize their return on capital investment including:

  • Prequalification of the speed gain and profitability of any copper line's conversion to vectoring,
  • Retention and increase of a service provider's current investment through the performance improvement of all DSLs (newly vectored, as well as existing DSLs) as vectoring is introduced incrementally or en masse,
  • Normalization of high vectoring performance gains regardless of which DSLAM/equipment is selected by a service provider,
  • Improved customer satisfaction that corresponds to fewer trouble calls, dispatches, and streamlined customer care operations.

Smart Vectoring reduces the possibility of dramatic cost increases that can occur with the introduction of unmanaged vectored lines into a DSL access network. This is because Smart Vectoring deals with the remaining network-trashing noises that vectoring exposes but cannot cancel or address.

"Deploying vectored VDSL successfully requires more than installing new hardware," said Stephen Wilson, senior analyst at research firm Analysys Mason. "Management software is essential to deliver full performance and minimize infrastructure investments. ASSIA's Smart Vectoring has shown it can help service providers plan, deploy, and manage vectored VDSL and meet their key objectives of preserving vendor choice, supporting infrastructure coexistence, and maximizing return on investment."

Smart Vectoring addresses misconceptions about vectoring
ASSIA's Smart Vectoring solution addresses current misconceptions about vectoring. Today, the most prevalent misconception is that service providers must deploy all vectoring equipment from a single vendor and upgrade all network equipment and CPE equipment or firmware at once to support "zero-effort" vectoring. Rather, ASSIA asserts that thanks to vectoring management, service providers are free to deploy vectoring equipment from multiple sources in their networks, and to gradually upgrade equipment based on customer and business priorities.

Additional misconceptions include claims that vectoring management is not required. However, ASSIA's experience managing nearly 70 million DSLs indicates that management is required, especially for reducing interference that vectoring exposes when it cancels crosstalk; simultaneously deploying vectored and non-vectored lines; enabling gradual upgrades to vectoring; and attaining the highest possible speeds from vectored lines, exceeding 100 Mbps.

"ASSIA's Smart Vectoring helps service providers conduct a smooth transition to vectoring and enjoy significant performance gains immediately," said Dr. John Cioffi, CEO and chairman of ASSIA. "Many of ASSIA's customers have asked to use ASSIA's Smart Vectoring software to address field issues with previously unmanaged and consequently poorly performing vectored equipment that had been delivered with exaggerated promises by many lead hardware vendors."

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