SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - Mobolize, the provider of endpoint Web optimization solutions for the enterprise, today announced additions to its CacheFront™ suite of products. CacheFront Express and CacheFront Professional, now available in open beta, join CacheFront Enterprise to help enterprises efficiently manage network traffic on their own WANs, as well on mobile networks they don't control. Network traffic is reduced by preventing traffic from getting onto the network at the browser, caching content on the endpoint device. This enables enterprises to maximize investments in network capacity, improve productivity of employees and free up network capacity to make room for new initiatives like videoconferencing and VoIP.

"Virtualization and new application environments, such as cloud computing and Web services, can put an unexpected strain on the network," said Joe Skorupa, analyst at Gartner, in a January 2012 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers report. "However, repeated transmission of the same, or similar, files, objects or data patterns can create opportunities for data compression and caching."

Approximately 88 percent of all Web traffic today is static and does not need to be redelivered, according to the HTTP Archive (2012,, yet this is still a daily challenge for most enterprise networks. CacheFront identifies the content that can be locally cached to prevent needless redelivery.

Built with an asymmetric architecture, CacheFront is installed as software on each endpoint device, eliminating the need for changes to network infrastructure and allowing the organization to scale the number of devices supported with a simple software install on each new device. CacheFront provides a dedicated secure cache on each device that is personalized to an individual user's needs and habits to reduce bandwidth and server requirements for the Web-based business applications and websites frequented by the individual.

"We have been using CacheFront to give our traveling executives and staff the ability to access critical business data when they are offline, as well as reduce web document and page load times for our globally dispersed offices with poor network bandwidth," said Dennis Green, Information Systems Project Manager, at Golder Associates, the global consulting, design and construction company. "CacheFront ensures that everyone is always productive, no matter where in the world they are at any given moment."

"When looking at network capacity challenges, there are three ways to address the problem: add capacity, shape the traffic or prevent traffic from happening at all," said Will Chow, CTO of Mobolize. "Mobolize takes the third approach, which is not only the simplest solution, but also the most effective."

CacheFront is offered in three versions to address specific enterprise needs.

  • CacheFront Express, one of two new versions, is focused exclusively on delivering network optimization, allowing users to create large, secure, dedicated browser caches for critical Web applications to improve performance and productivity.
  • CacheFront Professional, the other new product, offers the same network optimization capabilities as Express, with additional offline reading of Web content.
  • CacheFront Enterprise, the company's flagship product, offers the ability for customers to completely customize the software to work with complex, highly customized web applications like SharePoint and, as well as any proprietary web forms, portals and documents.

CacheFront Professional is currently available in a limited open beta and is expected to be generally available in June. To participate in the beta, please sign up at

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