LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - CTIA -- Open Garden, the makers of the first Android mesh networking app for Internet connectivity, are demonstrating new and disruptive mobile wireless technology at CTIA 2013. Open Garden is leveraging mesh networking and Wi-Fi technologies to turn everyone's phone and connected devices into an Internet node in a few clicks. With Open Garden everyone can be connected everywhere as if they were at home. Open Garden software enhances mobile Internet speed and reliability, increases the strength of the entire network and provides seamless access to mobile Wi-Fi across smartphones and connected devices. Open Garden software can be seen in action at CTIA 6728, from May 21-23.

Open Garden fundamentally changes the way existing spectrum is used and the turnkey product helps solve the long-existing challenge US carriers are facing called spectrum crunch.

"Open Garden shatters the current perception that spectrum is forever limited and that Wi-Fi access will always be compromised. Historically, the more devices on the cellular network, the weaker the connection becomes for everyone," said Open Garden's CEO and co-founder, Micha Benoliel. "Because Open Garden has an entirely new and radically different approach to providing mobile Internet connectivity through its software, the network improves as the number of connected devices grows."

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Association Industry (CTIA) 2012 survey, wireless penetration in the United States hit 102% of the population, or 326.4M active wireless connections. The density of smartphones has attained a critical mass; there are now more devices to connect to the Internet than people.

Open Garden software works behind the scenes on a mobile device to share and utilizes the best available signals on the local mesh network -- combining them when necessary -- to make the "new" mobile network strong and reliable.

  • Open Garden crowdsources and provides Internet connectivity among nearby smartphones, tablets, computers and even Google Glass.

  • Devices with Open Garden connect seamlessly to the Internet everywhere, on the go, without having to install, pair, or configure anything.

  • Open Garden shares core Internet access, enables access to more capacity, and broadcasts strong mobile Wi-Fi signals optimizing power consumption in a mobile device. 

Open Garden provides a new, disruptive, and powerful way to help carriers distribute the Internet. The application improves access to Wi-Fi by increasing the range of hotspots through multi-hop technology and by opening access to closed networks with unused capacity. Leveraging the wireless connections of each smartphone, tablet or laptop creates a wireless mesh and peer-to-peer network.

By combining mesh and Wi-Fi technologies, Open Garden could prove to become a solution that will provide enough bandwidth for widespread wireless connections across entire cities.

About Open Garden
Open Garden is a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to bringing Internet to every device, every person, and every location by sharing and crowdsourcing connectivity. Open Garden seamlessly interconnects nearby smartphones, computers, and tablets to form a mesh network. The benefits? Faster Internet access, stronger coverage and free mobile broadband. Open Garden was awarded Most Innovative Startup when it was debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012. Since then, over 2.5 million people have installed an Open Garden app, available on Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

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