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DataXu Introduces the Industry's First Algorithm Marketplace

Programmatic Marketing Platform Employs Data Science to Drive Business Goals With Unprecedented Choice and Flexibility

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 22, 2013) - DataXu today introduced the industry's first Algorithm Marketplace, a major new addition to its enterprise programmatic marketing platform that leverages data science to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital advertising. The Marketplace is a library of algorithms created over time from DataXu's experience solving clients' complex marketing problems. For the first time, dozens of algorithms are available to users in one place, so brands and their agencies get complete transparency and control of their advertising investment strategies. Marketers can also continue to innovate and collaborate with DataXu to develop custom algorithms that address their business' unique opportunities and challenges.

"The Algorithm Marketplace helps brands drive sales through data science," said Mike Baker, CEO of DataXu. "We've worked with our clients to solve difficult business problems requiring advanced targeting rules and optimization techniques. We're excited to codify our learnings and share them in a scalable, easy-to-use way. It's like putting a data scientist at our customers' fingertips -- now they can confidently target and optimize digital ad investments based on real-time data to improve ROI."

Marketers looking to capitalize on the programmatic aspects of digital marketing have been frustrated by the one-size fits all approach to targeting and optimization, forcing them to juggle multiple platforms and partners, which leads to higher staff and vendor costs, loss of data and reporting inconsistencies. The DataXu Algorithm Marketplace offers marketers a scientific "test and learn" methodology to continually refresh campaign models based on learnings acquired over time. The continuous cycle of testing, learning and executing plus the flexibility of the DataXu Platform gives marketers the ability and confidence to standardize on one platform that will meet their needs today and tomorrow.

The Marketplace also offers algorithms that tap into attribution and validation models from partners such as Adometry and Nielsen, and smart data sources from partners like eXelate. The intuitive user interface gives guidance on which algorithm is right based on a marketer's channel, performance, targeting and delivery objectives.

The DataXu Algorithm Marketplace helps marketers:

  • Customize programs to achieve their own unique business goals
  • Engage consumers with relevant messages across multiple channels including display, mobile, video and Facebook Exchange
  • Integrate partner attribution and validation models for better audience insights and results
  • Apply a test and learn methodology that measures, models and optimizes every individual consumer interaction
  • Confidently standardize on one platform, avoiding duplicate fees and switching costs

For more information on the DataXu Algorithm Marketplace, a video demo is available.

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Innovation in Action:

"Marketing in a digital world is evolving so quickly that one size fits all solutions can't meet the demands of today's brands. A solution like the Algorithm Marketplace helps us maximize ROI for each individual client based on their unique business goals and grow with them as their needs change." - Scott Macdonald, Head of Display at Forward

"Adometry solves a problem faced by the world's top marketers every day -- knowing and acting upon what truly influences customer conversions. The DX Algorithm Marketplace allows marketers to leverage Adometry's best-of-breed attribution solution and their own algorithms in a single platform. The result for marketers will be increased ROI from media buys on DataXu as part of their overall omni-channel media strategy." - Gad Alon, VP of Business Development for Adometry

"The Algorithm Marketplace combines eXelate's smart data platform which provides accurate, actionable and agile consumer data and analytics with business rules that will achieve a Brand's specific marketing objectives. Together, the two address a growing demand for programmatic marketing platforms that provide a single integrated solution for driving smarter marketing decisions that provide immediate top and bottom line impact." - Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer at eXelate

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