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Cloud Elements Extends Market Leadership Position as Cloud Foundry Consulting Service Provider With New Cost and Time Saving 'Elements' and Strategic Infrastructure Partnership

Tier 3 Alliance Advances Cloud Elements' Reach in Accelerating Development and Deployment of SaaS Applications

CENTENNIAL, CO--(Marketwired - May 28, 2013) - Open cloud application and consulting company, Cloud Elements, today announced its vision for helping cloud application developers and service integrators save hundreds of hours per engagement by using the company's pre-built "Elements." Built as an extension to Cloud Foundry's leading PaaS platform and leveraging pre-built integrations to leading cloud services, Cloud Elements provides a powerful console where developers select, provision, monitor and maintain cloud service APIs integrations at a fraction of the time and financial investments.

In related news, Tier 3, the complete cloud management platform, signed on as Cloud Elements' key infrastructure and platform-as-a-service partner. The two companies' shared strategic focus on the enterprise market segment centers on Web Fabric, Tier 3's version of the Cloud Foundry platform that integrates the open-source project Iron Foundry to support Microsoft .NET. Web Fabric, together with "Elements," accelerates and simplifies application development and integration.

"We are excited to deliver our Elements through Tier 3's leading PaaS platform providing access to their extensive enterprise developer client base," said Mark Geene, CEO and co-founder, Cloud Elements. "Typical SaaS applications are built by integrating a half dozen or more 3rd party services such as payments, messaging, and document services. By accelerating and automating the integration, monitoring and maintenance of these services developers can save hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in development and operations costs. By combining our Elements with Tier 3's industry-leading platform we believe we can provide a significant boost to developer productivity."

Cloud Elements' Pre-built Application Elements and Consulting Services

Cloud Elements has already established momentum in aligning itself with leading platform and infrastructure providers and providing developers with more efficient tools for integrating cloud services needed in applications. An average development team can spend hundreds of hours writing the thousands of lines of code required to integrate, monitor and maintain APIs for cloud services. With Cloud Elements, a developer uses the company's automated user interface to select needed services, provision and then integrate them instantly.

However, service integration is not the end of the process. Developers need easy to use, cost-effective monitoring to ensure services operate effectively and to continuously maintain integrations as business needs and APIs change. Developers rarely consider all of these implications when initially integrating services while rushing to meet market demand. With Cloud Elements, developers get to market faster and spend more time building unique functionality while saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The company charges a small subscription fee per integration or "Element," depending on infrastructure scale and scope, with the potential of building thousands of additional Elements over time. To date, Cloud Elements has created more than 20 integrations to leading cloud service providers including Box, Google+, Amazon Web Services, PayPal,, SendGrid and Dropbox.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders for Rapid and Deep Market Penetration

While initially focused on start-ups and mid-sized companies, Cloud Elements is gaining momentum in penetrating the $15-$22 billion SaaS market, as measured by Gartner, March 2012. The company has identified and initiated close technology and business partnerships with leading SaaS and PaaS providers including its newest partner Tier 3, to facilitate growth.

"A foundational pillar of Tier 3 cloud services is removing complexity, automating tasks to free our customers to focus their core business," said Jim Newkirk, vice president of engineering, Tier 3. "With our Web Fabric PaaS and Cloud Elements' pre-built integrations, customers can move faster and stay focused on innovation."

Cloud Elements envisions broadening its Cloud Elements offering with additional partnerships and products across a dozen product categories including messaging, documents, payments and customer management.

About Tier 3
Tier 3 is a complete cloud management platform for mid-tier to large enterprises, as well as SaaS providers. Tier 3 has combined elements of the traditional enterprise cloud market with those of cloud management platforms, allowing it to bring even more value to customers than any one provider in either of those markets alone. Tier 3 brings a suite of cloud products and services with advanced management and orchestration together in a single platform, enabling customers to run workloads ranging from simple development and test environments to the most complex and demanding enterprise applications. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. More information can be found at

About Cloud Elements
With Cloud Elements, developers and enterprises leverage reusable 'Elements' to build cloud applications faster by dramatically reducing the time required to integrate, monitor and maintain leading PaaS and SaaS cloud services. Cloud Elements leverages partnerships with leading vendors including SendGrid, Twilio, Box, and to accelerate the integration, management and monitoring of popular services used in building cloud applications. Cloud Elements is a tool built by developers for developers and is based on the highly scalable Cloud Foundry PaaS platform. The company provides a unique blend of technology with cloud application integration consultants available to assist companies in accelerating the build and deployment of their applications. Customers focus on building unique business functionality while Cloud Elements integrates and maintains the third-party services needed to build applications in a fraction of the time. More information can be found at

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