NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) -  Article One Partners (AOP), the world's largest patent research community, today announced that the company has awarded more than four million dollars in financial rewards to its global research community. This announcement comes seven months after reaching the three million dollar reward milestone last October.

Article One's global community includes more than 27,000 researchers from over 160 countries. AOP researchers range from technical experts and academics to professional researchers and former patent lawyers or examiners. With such a varying set of backgrounds, researchers bring a wealth of knowledge and diversity of research approaches to each study. As a result, they submit unique, international references that are not typically identified through traditional prior art searches.

"We are experiencing tremendous growth in both our company and community," said Cheryl Milone, founder and CEO of Article One. "In the seven months since our last reward milestone, we've made significant advancements in our product offerings, online platform and the opportunities available to our researchers. The four million dollar reward milestone reinforces the progress we're continuing to make with the support of our clients and researchers!"

Since launching in 2008, AOP has firmly established itself as the industry leader in crowdsourced prior art research for litigation cases, particularly for Fortune 100 clients. The latest upsurge in patent litigation, driven by a heightened presence of non-practicing entities in the patent space, as well as a broader set of prior art search products has led to an increase in demand for high-quality AOP patent research.

Article One recently expanded its product offerings to meet these needs and provide new earnings opportunities for Researchers. These new products are driving AOP toward five million in rewards paid to the Community by the end of 2013, aligning with the company's five year anniversary. The success of Article One in reaching the four million dollar milestone is dependent upon the success of the researcher community. Backed by these researchers, AOP continues to expedite improvements in patent quality and overall advancements in the intellectual property industry.

About Article One Partners
Article One Partners (AOP) has revolutionized the transparency of patent data. Today, AOP is the world's largest patent research community. The company has distributed requests for prior art research to more than one million scientists and technologists using a global online human search engine. AOP is active in 170 countries and is exceptionally successful in identifying non-textual and non-patent literature. The company is a partner to 16 Fortune 100 companies, 51 Forbes Global 2000 and 7 of the top 10 US patent filers. AOP's client satisfaction rate exceeds 90%.

AOP has a distinguished Board, led by Marshall Phelps, the former head of patents and licensing at IBM and Microsoft. Founded in 2008 by patent community leader, inventor and entrepreneur, CEO Cheryl Milone, the company's product offerings have been called "revolutionary" and "game changing" by leading authorities. In short, many consider AOP to be the new industry standard.

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