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codeREADr Adds Real-Time, In-App Viewing of Contextual Content After Every Scan, Aiming to Improve the Efficacy of Building and Campus Security

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2013) -  Skycore LLC, developers of codeREADr, the commercial barcode scanning app for iOS and Android devices, has today announced enabling real-time, in-app viewing of contextual content after each barcode scan, NFC tap or database search. Building and campus security patrols can now view and collect relevant information for any access control event or asset inspection during their rounds.

The information displayed can range from simple text to sophisticated Web content based on contextual variables, including the object being scanned, the person scanning the object and the defined objective of the service performed.

The displayed content presents information necessary for guards to more effectively complete their duties. Examples include viewing people's images for comparison against ID cards and electronic passes (e.g. Passbook); viewing the correct, timely disposition of doors, windows, gates and locks; and viewing images and settings for equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire-control systems, HVAC equipment and surveillance cameras.

"Whether for employee, patient or visitor tracking or to confirm that maintenance and safety procedures have been adhered to, smartphones can help improve security procedures and reporting. Management can monitor and enforce good safety practices and generate reports to document compliance with regulations, building codes and law enforcement," said Rich Eicher, Skycore's CEO.

"Guards may use their own smartphones or carry provisioned smartphones, iPods or tablets. To start, managers can enable simple recording services with text responses and later add validation services, both of which require no programming. As their needs grow, their IT department or developers can integrate to backend systems and enable more advanced features," added Eicher.

Administrators can demo the app for free via the App Store or Google Play. On codeREADr's blog you can read a typical use case along with the top five (5) ways security teams use codeREADr.

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codeREADr is an innovative SaaS platform for cloud-based auto-ID and data capture (AIDC) solutions.

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