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  • Sigma Designs' CG5200 chip passes HomeGrid Forum's C&I testing and is awarded Certification
  • There is now Certified silicon available from multiple vendors, offering choice for system companies and service providers

HomeGrid Forum has welcomed the announcement by Sigma Designs that it has become the second company awarded Certification for its silicon. Its CG5200 chip passed the rigorous HomeGrid testing necessary to be Certified under the HomeGrid Compliance and Interoperability (C&I) program. The testing was completed at the end of May 2013 at HomeGrid's accredited test house, TRaC Global. The HomeGrid Board of Directors has duly awarded silicon Certification to Sigma Designs.

Certified silicon is now available from two sources, offering choice for both system companies and service providers; Marvell's 88LX3142 digital baseband processor and 88LX2718 baseband analog front-end chipset was certified in November 2012. Several other silicon companies are finalizing preparations to have their chipsets undergo certification testing, so more announcements are expected soon.

These two certified silicon sources confirm as a rapidly maturing technology, with silicon-level interoperability well established. This provides choice for system designers, adding to the strength of a robust and competitive emerging market.

"This is great news for the industry," said John Egan, President of the HomeGrid Forum. "In a month where good news just keeps on coming, announcing another source for certified silicon should be no great surprise to the market, and shows that is really starting to roll! Not only did we complete the merger of the HomePNA Alliance and HomeGrid Forum, we have also just held a very successful system-level Plugfest. Our deliverables are all on track and really providing what the market needs. With Sigma, a long-time leader in the movement, achieving silicon certification, we have another source with a strong product offering."

Gabi Hilevitz, Sigma Designs' vice president and general manager of the Home Connectivity business unit, said: "With our CG5200, every power outlet, coaxial outlet and phone jack in the home becomes a network connectivity point on the same network, enabling HD IPTV, multi-room DVR traffic, gaming and VoIP to be delivered seamlessly over any wired medium in the home. HomeGrid Forum certification gives our customers the confidence they need to develop systems with the highest performance, flexibility and reliability. This enables multi-media content to be streamed between many devices in next-generation networked homes using what is rapidly becoming a global technology."

Sigma Designs® (NASDAQ: SIGM), is a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment, control, connectivity and converging multimedia delivery and is an active member of the HomeGrid Forum. Device manufacturing customers such as Comtrend, ZTE, T & W and ZyXEL have already announced they have selected Sigma Designs' CG5200 series chipsets for their powerline adapters. 

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