SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2013) - AdTruth, the global leader in securing digital relationships, has continued its strong growth over the course of the first half of 2013. Over the past five months the company has expanded its operations in Japan and EMEA and has established a presence in Brazil. In addition, AdTruth has reached a major milestone by supporting more than one trillion impressions in a single month -- primarily focused on effective mobile marketing. The company continues to attract attention from all corners of the digital advertising ecosystem as demonstrated by its recently announced partnerships with Adform, Human Demand and Inneractive.

Device recognition -- particularly on mobile devices -- continues to be a challenge for marketers, and AdTruth has emerged as the preferred solution globally. This is due to the unique combination of:

  • Universality - the ability to work on all devices and in all use cases,
  • Performance - the ability to drive effective mobile marketing and operate at programmatic speeds, and
  • Privacy-by-design - the understanding that respect and support for consumer privacy is fundamental for a device recognition solution.

"We continue to see rapid adoption in the online and mobile advertising markets," said James Lamberti, general manager of AdTruth. "As consumers around the world depend on their mobile devices in particular, marketers are seeking ways to connect and engage with their customers actively, appropriately and effectively. The first step in doing this is recognizing customers in a consumer friendly manner and that's where we add incredible value."

The adoption of that value can be seen in the growing roster of partners that are working with AdTruth. In addition to the companies mentioned above, AdTruth is also working closely with BlueKai, InMobi, OpenX and many others. As a result of these partnerships, AdTruth is supporting more than one trillion impressions around the world on a monthly basis.

The continued growth of the global mobile market has led AdTruth to expand its operations around the world. Its office in Japan, opened in November 2012, has grown by 500 percent and will soon be announcing a number of resellers. The company's relationship with Yahoo! JAPAN also continues to be an important cornerstone to its business there. In addition, AdTruth held its first Japanese workgroup meeting in February, which attracted more than 70 people from many of Japan's leading digital media companies.

In EMEA, AdTruth has recently appointed James Collier as managing director. Collier, who has more than 13 years of experience in digital media, brings experience from YuMe, Badoo, Vapor Media and Current TV to his work at AdTruth. In his role as regional managing director, Collier will be responsible for all aspects of the company's growth and operations in the critical European market. AdTruth, thanks to its strong advocacy of privacy, has attracted special attention in Europe. Earlier this year, the company held a workgroup during Mobile World Congress that attracted more than 50 people from more than 20 European digital media companies.

AdTruth's most recent expansion has been into the vibrant Brazilian market, which according to Mary Meeker's 2013 Internet Trends Report, trails only China, the US and Japan when it comes to the number of smartphone subscribers. AdTruth had an active presence at ProXXIma, which attracted more than 2000 advertising professionals to its 7th Annual event in Sao Paulo. At the conference, AdTruth spoke on the topic of "Solving the Audience Recognition Crisis" to an audience of advertisers, agencies and advertising technology companies.

"The excitement and opportunity around online and mobile advertising is a global phenomenon," said Lamberti, "and we're seeing strong and positive response thanks to our global presence, strong technology and growing partner base."

About AdTruth, a division of 41st Parameter
In a world where people are increasingly reliant on a variety of Internet-connected devices for everything from banking to shopping to entertainment and media, creating relevant customer experiences and preventing online fraud are constant and complex business challenges. 41st Parameter, the global leader in device recognition and intelligence, combines its patented technologies and years of expertise to identify devices without cookies, without compromising privacy and without impacting performance.

AdTruth, the company's digital media division, gives marketers a new and better way to recognize and reach their most valuable audiences across all types of devices. These privacy compliant solutions help keep the Internet more secure and relevant for everyone. To learn more about digital media solutions from AdTruth visit