MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2013) - NetSeer™, the originator of Concept Targeting, today announced its new Rapid Response media service, which empowers brand marketers and agencies to quickly launch highly strategic digital advertising campaigns in response to unpredictable news and events. Offering a complement to brands' earned and owned media channels, Rapid Response leverages custom-defined triggers to immediately capitalize on opportunities for brand impact as breaking news unfolds, whether anticipated or unforeseen. NetSeer's new offering places a brand's ad creative and messaging adjacent to topical, breaking-news stories the moment this newly generated inventory is available programmatically, while adhering to the relevance and brand safety inherent in the company's page-level "Concept" targeting.

Situations that might activate Rapid Response are numerous, and varied. Triggers may include events -- positive or negative -- with unpredictable outcomes, such as earnings announcements; results of a political election or sporting event; severe weather forecasts; or events that are entirely unforeseen but require crisis communications, such as a product recall. NetSeer works with advertisers and agencies to define these triggers, which then set in motion a series of specific campaigns or highly targeted ad messages, at scale, on programmatic inventory.

Due to the immediate nature of breaking news, the corresponding ad inventory cannot be pre-purchased, nor did it exist previously, making Rapid Response campaigns a unique opportunity afforded by programmatic media buying. 

"In the age of 24/7 news reporting and social journalism, which fuel high expectations around real-time marketing and communications, Rapid Response offers a powerful paid-media channel to amplify controlled, appropriate messaging in the marketplace. This is particularly advantageous if a crisis occurs or a strategic branding opportunity arises suddenly," said John Mracek, CEO of NetSeer. "Because NetSeer is nimble, we can act quickly as an ad partner for preparedness: either ahead of time for an anticipated event with an unpredictable outcome, or in a crisis communications situation resulting from unforeseeable circumstances."

To illustrate how this media service might be used, an identity-theft protection brand may want to launch a Rapid Response ad campaign in the event of a publicized security breach or cyberattack with appropriate messaging related to its services adjacent to the associated news coverage. The timing of the news itself -- while not predictable -- affords a new opportunity for the brand to put a highly relevant message in front of an audience primed to receive it. Alternately, a hybrid car manufacturer may wish to message the market when there is a hike in gas prices, while a consumer bank company could launch a campaign when mortgage rates drop. In these cases, fluctuations in gas prices and mortgage rates, respectively, would trigger the campaigns.

NetSeer's unique Concept Targeting, based upon its patented ConceptGraph™ technology, is able to gauge the applicability and deep significance of content on each page as it becomes available on the ad exchanges. NetSeer's built-in brand safety preemptively filters each impression, ensuring that ads will never appear adjacent to sensitive or inappropriate content. Additionally, NetSeer is able to target specific geographies, offering brands the option to distribute its Rapid Response message broadly, or localized to only those areas affected by the breaking news.

Marketers can optimize Rapid Response campaigns for frequency and creative message rotation on the fly, as news ebbs or intensifies. Additionally, campaigns can be customized for mobile and Web delivery, as well as across a variety of IAB-standard formats. NetSeer minimizes time to market through a rapid onboarding process, enabling brands to put a controlled message in market quickly and proactively.

About NetSeer
NetSeer provides programmatic premium ad solutions for advertisers and media-buying agencies. NetSeer's patented, machine-learning ConceptGraph™ technology understands the nuances of human thinking expressed either through editorial content, or via online behaviors. Using its proprietary "Concept Targeting" algorithms, NetSeer delivers exceptional advertising results for brands seeking a high ROI and quality media placements. With a reach of 95 percent of U.S. households online, NetSeer delivers relevant, brand-safe advertising across desktop, mobile and video inventory that leverages the scale and economics of ad exchanges. NetSeer is privately held, and funded by Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, with offices in New York City, Chicago and other major media markets.