HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2013) -  The VA posted the following on their FB page: "June is PTSD Awareness month. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can have many signs and cause a variety of issues, but VA has the support and care Veterans with PTSD need." The VA has announced several initiatives to better serve our nation's veterans, but recent data tells us the backlog of claims older than 125 days currently numbers 584,308. Grassroots organizations such as the PTSD Foundation of America are a necessity in serving not only our veterans, but also their families. We are here to help. Two things you won't see with us: 1) a couch, and 2) an invoice. Give us a call. 877.717.PTSD

Please Consider:

  • Current VA numbers place Veteran suicides at 22 a day
  • The CDC has classified this trend a Pandemic
  • The last known number is 7,000 patients to 8 doctors within the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center located in Houston, TX.
  • The VA says they work with Faith-based and neighborhood partnerships.
  • The PTSD Foundation of America, with its outreach arm Camp Hope, has started working with local churches, military organizations, and other non-profits to engage the overburden on the VA thereby saving lives daily.
  • When the Foundation starts working with a Veteran, Service Member, or their family members that complete the program there is a 95% success rate with decrease in PTSD symptoms and ZERO suicides to date.
  • It takes more than a bumper sticker to support our troops, so this month as the Nation focuses on PTSD, we encourage veterans and their families to check out the PTSD Foundation of America and see real stories of real success. Like Ed who, after years of frustration with the VA, and learning of Camp Hope, says, "I finally found hope!"
  • The PTSD Foundation of America counts on donations from the community to continue our mission, why not change a Veteran, Service Member, or families life for the better. 
  • As PTSD Awareness Month continues, help make a change that the government can't, help spread the word about the PTSD Foundation of America and join us at the Houston Apartment Association's Fun Run Saturday, June 8, 2013. This link will give you registration information. http://ptsdusa.net/events/houston-apartment-association-fun-run/

About The PTSD Foundation of America

The PTSD Foundation of America is HQ in Houston, Texas and is a non-profit organization under IRS Code Section 501 c (3). PTSD Foundation brings healing to our military and their families through pastoral counseling, and peer mentoring, on both an individual basis, and group settings.

For more information on PTSD Foundation of America, please visit www.ptsdusa.org.

Contact Information:

David Maulsby
Cell: 281-664-7948
Email: david.maulsby@ptsdusa.org