MCMINNVILLE, OR--(Marketwired - Jun 7, 2013) - TTR, the industry leader in providing accurate, current, supported and easy to find sales and use tax answers, has just released the first ever Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix. Now, and for the first time, any professional may download a Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for any and all states.

Why did TTR do this?
TTR is working with several state tax agencies toward the larger goal of simplifying sales and use tax answers nationally. A huge step in the right direction was to create a Uniform Tax Matrix ("UTM") and make it publicly available. With the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 passing the Senate this week, the timing couldn't be better.

With TTR's website, state agencies may edit, revise and publish their own Uniform Tax Matrix using TTR's system.

"This will significantly reduce the time it takes to get an answer to taxpayers in our state." - State Agency Tax Policy Head

"TTR is proud to have over 20% of Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Nevertheless, TTR's goal is to become the industry standard and most widely used sales and use tax website in the US. We have room for growth. TTR's release of a Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for all states is a step towards becoming the most widely used set of sales and use tax answers in the US. Working with state tax agencies is such an important part of achieving this goal. If everyone is on the same page with the same answers, we can truly eliminate costly audit liabilities and assessments and frustration on all sides. We are so impressed with the warm responses from state agencies. Their use of the TTR website makes it easy for their teams to review, edit and publish sales and use tax answers on their own websites and help taxpayers in their respective states." - Shon Holyfield, CEO of TTR, Inc.

What's Next?

"The publicly available Uniform Tax Matrix is just a small piece of TTR's website. The Uniform Tax Matrix contains just under 350 items spanning multiple industries. This is a fraction of the full TTR website; for example, TTR's Medical Industry Library now has over 600 items alone. I would strongly encourage any company to take a look at the TTR website and see the value of having answers for the same items across all states." - Jon Peed, VP of Research, TTR, Inc.

Where do I get the Free Matrix?

The Free UTM is available now. Please visit TTR at and take a look for yourself. Please visit the "RESOURCES" page located at to access a Free Uniform Sales & Use Tax Matrix for every state.

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