ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2013) - Community support is required to start a successful business and the latest Franchise Financing Report from the Franchise Direct ( team delivers tips for entrepreneurs seeking that support, however it may come. Whether the focus is what funding to choose, looking into estimate costs of opening a franchise, or tips on preparing a winning portfolio, this report underscores the specific financial support needs of potential franchisees as they step into the life changing role of franchise operator.

Featuring a compilation of financing guidelines focused on the particular needs of franchise industry professionals, this report offers great reason to maintain confidence and likewise tread with care when seeking financial support in today's financing climate. Expanding on four key areas of franchise financing, this report breaks down initial costs with detailed estimates and aspects of financial portfolio preparation that are fundamental to procuring funding. Eight financing sources available to franchisees are also uncovered in detail and an encouraging section offering franchisee case studies reveals how some industry professionals found the funding they needed to get their business up and running.

Two main sources of funding explored in the report open to those entering franchising, which are usually quite compatible with the financial situation and needs of franchisees, are home equity and retirement fund conversion. Both of these options free up access to funds that can then be used to enter franchise operation, either as an additional career prospect or a complete change of career. Another two resources for today's franchise financing, online matchmaking portals and SBA financing options are also explained for potential franchisees. 

As credit conditions successively free up even more funding access for investors in the franchise industry, every effort is still required to promote financing competence in the world of franchise investment, especially for first time entrants. The Franchise Financing Report focuses on the essentials, from detailed guidance on how to create a successful business plan to managing credit history reputation and credit reporting data to maximize financial stability. Personal expectation awareness for funding seekers, and tips on how to make financial decisions that best suit the specific needs and goals of each potential franchise investor, are encouraged throughout the report. 

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