HONG KONG--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2013) - Mixing delicious specialty fruits from Kaohsiung, Asian pop superstars Mayday and Mr. Lee Yung-te, Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government, created a giant 'Sea of Ice,' the refreshing signature summer treat enjoyed during Kaohsiung's hot summer months, to officially launch 'The Best of Kaohsiung - Travel As You Wish' campaign at a press conference yesterday in Hong Kong.

The press conference outlined the latest tourist developments and highlighted the wide variety of exciting activities that can be enjoyed by travelers from Hong Kong and China in Kaohsiung and heralded the upcoming 'Kaohsiung Hall' at the International Travel Expo Hong Kong, which opens on June 13.

Ashin, vocalist from the band Mayday, who are Global Ambassadors of the Kaohsiung City Government, announced their performance during the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) Kaohsiung Night at the Glory Pier on September 10.

"During September, 1000 representatives from 100 cities will be coming to Kaohsiung for the 2013 APCS," he said. "We are looking forward to performing during the APCS Kaohsiung Night at the Glory Pier on September 10. We hope that everyone takes the opportunity to experience this dynamic city and bring back unforgettable memories of Kaohsiung."

The Kaohsiung City Government hopes this latest marketing initiative will attract more tourists from Hong Kong, boosting the city's tourist industries including accommodation, good food, shopping, and traveling.

Kaohsiung has, in recent years, attracted large numbers of overseas tourists with its dynamic art and cultural scene and sight-seeing attractions. It has also become one of the most visited short-haul destinations for Hong Kong travelers. This year, Kaohsiung will introduce a number of new exciting developments spanning from entertainment, music, food, art and culture, as well as hosting new international events.

"The number of travelers visiting Kaohsiung has increased dramatically, by nearly one million visitors in 2012, representing a growth rate of 20%. It has become a rising trend for young travelers to visit Kaohsiung," said Mr. Lee Yung-te, Deputy Mayor, Kaohsiung City Government.

"With over 80 direct flights between Hong Kong and Kaohsiung each week, and a flight time of only 70 minutes, Hong Kong has become a major source of tourists visiting the city. I am, therefore, very honored to be here in Hong Kong today to present the latest tourism developments in Kaohsiung. I hope we can introduce Kaohsiung to more people, so that they can experience this most friendly and welcoming Taiwanese city," he explained.

Mr. Lee Yung-te explained that Kaohsiung, the city of the largest area in Taiwan, offers highly diversified scenery, ranging from Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan, to unspoilt coast lines and the majestic Love River. Home to 18 wetlands, Kaohsiung values conservation of the environment and has been the recipient of a number of international awards. With comfortable climates in all four seasons including up to 300 days of sunshine a year, annual average temperature of 24 degrees, minimal temperature difference between day and night, Kaohsiung is an ideal city for sight-seeing.

Members of Mayday each represented one of the five key tourism development highlights offered by Kaohsiung, showcasing the diversified charm of the city:

"Kaohsiung the City of Fun" -- Stone, the group's lead guitarist, praised the convenience of the well-developed transportation in the city and highly recommended a cycling tour;

"Sweet sound of ocean music" -- Monster, the band leader, was looking forward to the music-themed events including the Cijin Ocean Music Festival and the Super Rock and Roll Music Day for Greater Kaohsiung;

"Delicious seasonal agricultural products" -- the Dagangshan Longan and Honey Festival and the 2013 Jiasian Taro and Bamboo Shoot Festival are the favorites of Masa, the bass guitarist;

"Wonderful art and cultural events" -- Guan-you, the drummer who loves art and cultural events, recommended everyone visit the famous cultural facilities and exhibitions in Kaohsiung including the Pier-2 Art Center and the public art displays inside Kaohsiung's MRT stations; 

"Eye-catching international events" -- Ashin, the band's vocalist, presented the upcoming international events in Kaohsiung, including the 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and the first World DanceSport Games 2013.

Kaohsiung will also be hosting the biennial Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) in September, signifying the city's active participation on the international stage. Highly anticipated by senior government officials, business leaders, experts and scholars as well as young professionals, this grand occasion will be attended by 1000 elites representing over 100 cities in the world. Political, economical, environmental and cultural issues and trends amongst Asia cities will be discussed during the summit, with an overall objective to develop strategic thinking for urban governance that benefits both nations and citizens and promotes the goal of sustainable development.

To ensure a happy and relaxed trip to Kaohsiung for Hong Kong travelers, the Kaohsiung City Government and Taiwan Visitors Association HK Office are working with 12 Hong Kong travel agencies and 12 hotel operators in Kaohsiung to offer Hong Kong travelers a special Kaohsiung travel package, for a limited period only. To mark the initiative, the Kaohsiung City Government presented awards at the event to the 12 co-operating travel agencies, offering them thanks for supporting the city's tourism development. 

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