LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2013) - In her new book, "Driving Solo," (susanalpertconsulting.com), serial entrepreneur Susan Alpert provides tips for coping with the death of a spouse and saving your financial future.

"Each year, approximately 1.2 million Americans lose their spouses," says Alpert, who was one of the statistics.

Alpert understands the pressures of managing the complexities related to death while trying to make sense of loss, grief, and out-of-control emotions. She lost her husband 10 months after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

From her experiences, she knew she could help survivors handle the immediate aftermath of their spouse's death.

In "Driving Solo," Alpert chronicles her journey from hearing that her husband has a life-threatening disease, to the day he died, through hitting rock-bottom, to ultimately redefining herself and regaining control over her life. She combines the business and emotional journeys that come with the death of a spouse, and offers tips for navigating through rough waters.

"When we lose a loved one, we have to deal with the financial issues with which we're unaware," writes Wes Balakian, founder and CEO of True Solutions, Inc., project management consultancy. "This book is the navigation you need to get your financials in order after a loss."

Alpert advises keeping receipts. "While it may be the furthest thing from your mind now, many of the expenses associated with the process can be reimbursed and deducted on your tax return," she writes. These include costs associated with records, and receipts for funeral expenses.

Mary Monaghan of Miraval Resort & Spa writes, "This book has all the answers for anyone who has lost a dear one to death... Susan will offer enormous comfort and a well thought out roadmap for dealing with end-of-life decisions and their aftermath."

About Susan Alpert

Susan Alpert is the creator of Chaos to Control, a program through which she coaches the bereaved on business aspects of death and other major life changes. Alpert -- a successful businesswoman, educator and serial entrepreneur who has run several multimillion dollar companies -- created the program after losing her husband of 46 years. Alpert is the founder of several companies, numerous focus groups and most recently her own consulting firm. Alpert holds master's degrees in psychology and education, and has extensive experience in the fields of negotiation, finance, international services and business.

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