TULSA, OK--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2013) - Low-cost web hosting provider Hostwinds unveils a provocative and informative infographic that outlines key components of security protocols at various domestic and international data centers. This infographic answers the important question of -- "how secure is my data?"

By unveiling the increasingly sophisticated layers of protection that a large firm, like Google, uses, this infographic seeks to inform the public about the lengths at which major technology firms will go to ensure the ultimate in data security. From simple physical barriers to more sophisticated biological scanning equipment, Google has invested millions in ensuring that consumer and business information is airtight.

With the recent news concerning the government-sponsored PRISM program, data security and information privacy is a hot topic for many concerned citizens and businesses. The PRISM program allows various government agencies, namely the FBI and NSA, to collect and catalogue data from various technology firms like Google, Yahoo! and Facebook. This doesn't sit well with some who feel that the U.S. government shouldn't have the authority to collect data without reasonable cause.

NSA PRISM program aside, this infographic sheds light on the incredible investment in data security that Google and other large tech firms have made. To learn more and view the infographic, visit http://www.hostwinds.com/blog/news/how-secure-is-your-personal-data-in-light-of-prism/.

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