NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2013) - Daxor Corporation (NYSE MKT: DXR) -- Dr. Joseph Feldschuh, the President, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Daxor Corporation, will publish a bi-monthly medical column for internet distribution. This column will be separate from his work for Daxor. The column will focus not only on issues of importance to Daxor such as blood banking and hospitals utilizing blood volume measurement in the treatment of patients, but will also focus on many areas of medicine which are of major importance to consumers.

There are major changes now taking place in the delivery of medical care which have been mandated by the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obama Care. In addition, physicians are increasingly becoming employees of hospitals or major multi-practice groups where their independence is sharply reduced.

There are many conflicts of interest in the delivery of medical care. It is essential for medical consumers to become educated about this issue in order to avoid receiving sub-optimal care that can impact the quality of life, or worse.

Dr. Feldschuh is a board certified cardiologist, endocrinologist, and internist, has a career of over 35 years in academic medicine including teaching at New York Medical College and Cornell Medical School. Dr. Feldschuh started the first emergency laboratory in New York while teaching at New York Medical College. In 1984 he was responsible for discovering the toxicity of the most dangerous drug ever approved by the FDA, Abbott Adrenaline, which killed almost every patient it was used on.

The Abbott Adrenaline had 1,750 times as much acid content as an apparently similar product manufactured by Parke-Davis. The label on the products appeared to have a similar Ph level but did not take into account the total amount of acid in the injection. The labeling was later changed to correct this oversight. The drug was primarily used to resuscitate patients whose hearts had stopped. Therefore, it was not recognized that no one who received this drug ever survived. When Dr. Feldschuh's discovery was verified by Dr. Raymond Gambino of Columbia University, the results were published in the American Journal of Medicine. The drug was immediately withdrawn by the FDA.

Dr. Feldschuh is the co-inventor of the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer. The BVA-100 is the only automated instrument approved by the FDA for measuring total blood volume in humans. The instrument is in use in approximately 70 hospitals nationwide. Dr. Feldschuh is also responsible for initiating the first long-term (10 year) frozen blood storage program which enables individuals to store their own blood in a frozen state, and co-authored (with Doron Weber) the book "Safe Blood" which outlines the concepts enabling individuals to utilize their own blood.

The column will focus not only on major medical issues on which the public is inadequately informed, but is also receiving conflicting information. An example is the recent change in recommendations on salt restriction in one's diet. The history of such types of recommendations and implications will be discussed as individual topics. Topics such as treatment of breast cancer utilizing the BRAC1 gene, which received publicity after the article concerning Angela Jolie's breast cancer revelation is another example.

The first article will be entitled "Conflict of Interest in Healthcare" and will appear later today. The columns can be accessed via and on Facebook at Brief updates will be available on Twitter at JosephFeldschuh.

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