HubShout to Release REAL SEO Plans for Resellers

Staying abreast of Google Penguin and Panda updates, HubShout plans to release value-added REAL SEO programs on June 14.

Falls Church, VA, June 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After months of internal testing, measuring end-user results and benchmarking services against competitors, HubShout, a leading SEO reseller, website reseller and online marketing firm, plans to release its new SEO programs to SEO resellers on June 14th. HubShout's SEO methodology has always placed a heavy emphasis on creating engaging content for our end clients. The new SEO offerings -- dubbed REAL SEO -- fit well with the recent Google Penguin Updates that promise to go even "deeper" than the 2012 Penguin release in devaluing manipulative links.

HubShout holds client feedback in the highest regard, and its new plans heavily incorporate reseller feedback. SEO resellers asked for more help implementing onsite SEO recommendations, more integration of onsite updates into SEO programs, and even more compelling content for onsite SEO and syndication.

SEO in 2013 calls for meaningful content that provides readers with real value. It calls for earned links. And so, the HubShout team arrived at the REAL SEO acronym.


End-user value



Real SEO requires not only keyword research but also business and industry-specific research in order to write useful content that end-users value and want to share with others, ultimately improving a website's search visibility. In preparation for rollout of these plans, HubShout has cleared space in its office to double the size of its already impressive in-house, US-based writing team, complete with an Editor holding several English degrees, including a M.F.A. in Poetry, and a rigorously trained team of researchers and writers. HubShout is serious about valuable content; the internet marketing agency brings in local writers, guest speakers and provides other professional development opportunities to sharpen writers' skills.

HubShout is a best-value SEO reseller because of its dedication to original content. Insistent upon doing things the REAL way, HubShout focuses on unique content, transparency, accountability and results. New SEO plans focus more on a wide range of fine-tuned content published on relevant websites. Because measuring the ROI on SEO and online marketing is imperative for successful execution of SEO campaigns, through HubShout's diverse REAL SEO programs, HubShout analyzes, tracks and continually improves every client's SEO plan. Last, HubShout launches the real content on relevant publishing sites and promotes using social media. The CEO and Founder of HubShout, Chad Hill, explains the HubShout REAL SEO methodology --"Great content marketing requires exciting and compelling content -- we continue to push our team to improve what we do today and come up with creative and new options for our customers."

The Basic plan includes finding keywords and mapping to relevant web pages, expanding topic keywords, 4 unique articles, 5 article syndications, 15 RSS syndications, 20 social media shares and 40 Tweets, and 10 blog enhancements, a 10-page onsite report, onsite report implementation, conversion reporting, Google+ authorship,, two pages of website copy and edits, web-to-lead setup, phone tracking, and an onsite blog. Plans succeeding the Basic option offer increasingly extensive onsite reports and website copy/edits as well as diverse, appealing content marketing avenues, including press releases, infographics, and video production.

The new plans were announced on May 30th at a HubShout Webinar, which HubShout holds twice monthly to provide technology, sales and marketing support to clients. On June 14th the new SEO reseller plans will be available in the client dashboard to allow resellers ample time to familiarize themselves with the new service offerings, and on July 1st, old plans will be phased out.

On Thursday, June 13th HubShout held another Webinar to extrapolate on each SEO plan before their launch on June 14th. An additional Webinar will be held on Thursday, June 27th at 3PM EDT to answer any questions on the new offerings. Interested parties can register on the HubShout website.

HubShout is a US-based website reseller, SEO reseller and online marketing firm with offices located in Rochester, NY and Falls Church, VA. All services are available to direct clients as well, including SEO, PPC, website design and development, email marketing, social media management, local SEO, and custom online marketing plans. For more information about HubShout's SEO reseller program or information on a solid SEO strategy, please contact HubShout directly.


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