IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 3, 2013) -  Digital Map Products, a leading provider of cloud-based mapping technology solutions, today announces a new release of GovClarityTM, a cloud-based data integration and mapping platform for local government entities. Formerly branded CityGISTM, GovClarityTM enables local governments to leverage the power of location to unify data, increase organization efficiency, and improve public responsiveness.

Location is the logical integration point for local municipal data, systems and activities, and visual mapping helps simplify the complexity and increase the usability of data. GovClarityTM provides a common system for cities and counties to access all their property and mapping information. All agency staff can access, create, analyze and maintain spatial data in just a few clicks, improving inter- departmental collaboration and data accuracy, and saving time and money across the board.

In addition to internal operations, constituent outreach is of utmost importance to today's local government agencies. GovClarityTM includes several features that allow local governments to publish information to residents through online interactive maps on public websites, solicit public feedback, empower the community to report issues through their mobile devices, and even integrate maps into social media communication.

"We strive to provide innovative GIS solutions that are easy to use and affordable so they are truly accessible for local governments," says Digital Map Products President and CEO Jim Skurzynski. "With GovClarityTM, we are excited to be able to give our municipality clients a significant leap forward in leveraging the power of location, via an intuitive mapping interface, to improve internal operations and communications, as well as constituent engagement."

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