DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Jul 3, 2013) - On July 3, 2013, the Detroit News falsely reported that the Detroit Masonic Temple Theatre Co. ("DMTTC") -- the alleged "owners" of the Detroit Masonic Temple -- had declared bankruptcy.

DMTTC is not and never has been the owner of the Detroit Masonic Temple. The owner of the Detroit Masonic Temple is the Masonic Temple Association of Detroit (the "MTA"), said spokesman and special adviser to the MTA Board of Directors, Brad Dizik.

DMTTC does not have any relationship with the Detroit Masonic Temple. DMTTC's bankruptcy does not impact the operation of the Detroit Masonic Temple in any way.

Indeed, last November, after removing DMTTC from the premises of the Detroit Masonic Temple, the MTA filed a lawsuit against DMTTC and its parent company, Halberd Holdings, LLC, asserting that DMTTC unlawfully had attempted to assume management of the Detroit Masonic Temple. This action is still pending in the Wayne County Circuit Court. 

Detroit Masonic Temple Association President Roger Sobran stated, "The Detroit Masonic Temple Association has owned and operated the Temple for 88 years and we plan to do the same for the next 88 years. We look forward to making announcements in the near future about how the Temple plans to take a leading role in the revitalization of the corridor and the city of Detroit. We look forward to an exciting and promising future for the Temple."

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