Mini-Skycars Coming:

Moller International Partners with American Space Industries to Produce Scale Models of its Skycar, the Iconic Vertical Take Off and Landing, High-speed, "roadable" Aircraft

Davis, California, UNITED STATES

Davis, CA, July 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moller International, Inc. (MI) (OTC-QB: MLER), the developer of the Skycar® a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable, high-speed light aircraft, the Rotapower® line of fuel-efficient, low emissions, reliable rotary engines and the Aerobot®line of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) announced today that it has established a relationship with American Space Industries (ASI) of Menlo Park, CA to produce sub-scale models of the Skycar®.  These electrically-powered unmanned radio-controlled reproductions of the Skycar® are intended for model aircraft fans who want to experience the thrill of flying a VTOL aircraft with the extraordinary characteristics of the Skycar®.

President and founder of Moller International, Dr. Paul Moller said of this new partnership, "We know that there is a tremendous market for RC aircraft, and we think the Skycar's design will provide an excellent basis for those hobbyists that want a VTOL aircraft that also has high-performance aerodynamics".  He also added, "We expect that we can use these reproductions to test out some of our control theory and add to our knowledge regarding the performance of a personal VTOL aircraft."

Russell Decker, CEO of ASI said, "American Space Industries is very pleased to be working with Moller International to help put this futuristic vehicle into hobbyist's hands today. Dr. Moller's Skycar® is a pioneering example of the advanced flight concepts that will help define the future of personal flight. Building and flying a radio control version of this vehicle, and utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and new super-lightweight materials, the craft will provide hours of fun for hobbyists everywhere. Recent advancements in battery design, material science, and computer technology permit the operation of this radio control model that will closely emulate the extremely precise flight characteristics of the Moller Skycar®". The Skycar® is not a Quad-copter, it's much more and this model is the first of its kind at this scale and will be an absolute dream to fly.

About Moller International

Moller International has its origins in research carried out by Dr. Paul Moller when he tested a scale model of his VTOL capable aircraft in 1961. A full-size version of the earlier VTOL aircraft was demonstrated in 1965. In 1967, research was conducted with the specific purpose of developing vertical takeoff aircraft for the consumer market.

Moller International has continued to develop a number of VTOL aircraft employing Rotapower engines and stabilization systems. Products in development are the Skycar® 400, Neuera, and newly designed 1- and 2-passenger models of the Skycar "LS" series. The Company also has other VTOL aircraft in development targeted at the military, public safety, commercial and consumer markets.

The Skycar® has been featured on a number of TV programs including CBS 60 Minutes, "Highway In the Sky", NBC's Today Show "Today's American Story", and History Channel's, "Greatest Movie Gadgets: Then and Now."

About American Space Industries

American Space Industries is a privately owned California based Research and Development company. The company began its existence in accordance with the implementation of the Commercial Space Launch Act of 1984 Public Law 98-575-0ct. 30, 1984, 98th Congress, subsequent legislation, and The Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act 2004 Public Law 182-492 December 23, 2004, 108th Congress. The goal of ASI's research and development is to build and operate commercial orbital space systems.   ASI's use of additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping takes virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD) or animation modeling software, transforms them into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections and then creates successive layers until the model is complete. It is a process where the virtual model and the physical model are almost identical. In 2010, ASI began the task of producing the first full-size flying prototype of the ASI-EAGLE-HLV.  American Space Industries is an ITAR Regulated Aerospace/Defense Manufacturer.

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