HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2013) - iMomentous, delivering a highly scalable mobile talent technology platform that enables companies to recruit, retain and engage their talent, today shared details of its strong performance in the first half of 2013. In this time frame, the company has experienced high adoption rates for its solutions, increased the number of job candidates using its mobile apply platform and achieved high-level industry recognition.

As more people rely on their mobile devices to research opportunities and apply to jobs, employers must be able to provide the mobile experience that job seekers now expect. At a time of serious skills shortages, companies need to deliver an outstanding candidate experience in order to compete for top talent. One of the best ways to do that is by providing a mobile-optimized apply process, whereby candidates can learn about jobs and apply to them on any device, anywhere.

With its industry-leading Career Site Mobility Platform, iMomentous has redefined recruiting to account for this new reality. This innovative platform makes it easier than ever for companies to create a fully-branded career site presence with rich media and video content optimized for any mobile device to ensure they engage and attract talent and compete more effectively for the best and brightest.

The company's strong performance in the first half of 2013 highlights the value of its solutions and growing recognition among employers. Over the past six months, iMomentous has added 38 new accounts across all industries, with significant traction in healthcare and staffing. In addition, the company reports more than three million visitors to the platform so far, as well as a successful conversion rate of close to 11 percent, compared to the 7 percent typically experienced with desktop-based apply processes. This indicates that mobile job seekers are more action-oriented and more engaged to find their next opportunity, further highlighting the importance of iMomentous in helping employers connect with those mobile candidates.

In addition to its proven results and growing adoption among both employers and job seekers, iMomentous has also garnered attention across the recruiting industry. The company was selected by ERE as one of the eight most innovative products in recruiting from a field of 50 and presented its cutting-edge solutions at the recent Recruiting Innovation Summit.

"iMomentous is the champion for candidates and employers alike, delivering a highly personalized experience that connects the hiring employer to qualified talent through their mobile devices," said Mahe Bayireddy, CEO and co-founder of iMomentous. "Our exceptional performance in the first half of 2013 signifies the growing market need for our platform, and the rapidly increasing number of users suggests that demand will only continue to rise for the rest of the year."

About iMomentous

Mobile has changed everything, especially recruiting. iMomentous delivers the highly scalable mobile technology platform that enables organizations to recruit, retain and engage talent anywhere, anytime. Since evolving from the union of a global data company, an enterprise technology firm, and a mobile recruitment platform, iMomentous has become the world's leading mobile web career portal. More information can be accessed at www.imomentous.com.