MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK--(Marketwired - July 8, 2013) - The Midwives Association of New Brunswick (MANB) / l'Association des sages-femmes du Nouveau-Brunswick (ASFNB) urges the provincial government to reconsider its decision to suspend the work of the Midwifery Council of New Brunswick. Created in 2010 to oversee the implementation of the Midwifery Act, the Council has been working to develop policies, standards and guidelines necessary for the planned and eagerly awaited implementation of midwifery services in the province.

"We are incredibly disappointed by the government's decision to cut all funding to the implementation of midwifery in this province", says Nathalie Pambrun, President of MANB. "Citizens of this province have been waiting to access midwifery services since 2010 and the government has already invested in the Council's important work which is not yet completed. Cutting funding to the Council is short-sighted and makes no sense at this time."

Research clearly demonstrates that midwives provide safe and effective care and that midwifery is a costs savings solution to our health care system. While other provinces are moving forward with innovative solutions which include midwifery as an essential element to address the shortage of maternity care providers in both urban and rural settings, New Brunswick remains one of the last provinces to include midwives into their health care system.

"What is most disheartening is that our midwifery students, who are currently studying in University midwifery education programs in Ontario, Quebec or B.C., were looking forward to coming back home to New Brunswick to work as health care professionals", concludes Ms Pambrun. "We are basically telling them that there are no jobs for them here. This is a shameful loss for New Brunswick."

The government, claiming fiscal constraints, argues suspension is warranted until funding is available to hire midwives. However, the Midwifery Council has many regulatory tasks to complete and a loss of momentum at this critical point will significantly undermine and delay bringing midwifery services to New Brunswick women and their families.

MANB/ASFNB's membership consists of registered midwives and midwifery students who are ready to work in New Brunswick. MANB is urging all citizens to participate in their "Consumer call-to-action" available at the New Brunswick Midwives/ Sages-Femmes du Nouveau Brunswick Facebook group (

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