GRAVITY COLLECTION, INC. (GRAVITY) Enters Into Agreement to Acquire a Sixty Percent (60%) Stake in Australian Based RJ Media

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GRAVITY COLLECTION, INC. (GRAVITY) announced today that it has signed a Special Private Placement Agreement (SPPA) for the purchase of a Sixty percent (60%) stake in RJ Media based in Sydney, Australia.

GRAVITY COLLECTION'S plan is to expand its national and global reach with key acquisition, programming, distribution and branding.

GRAVITY COLLECTION'S's CEO, Harry S. Vested, Jr.: "This agreement with RJ Media will be instrumental in the expansion of our projects and programming. GRAVITY COLLECTION is excited to partner with RJ Media as we move forward with our channel and brand. The GCI branded channel and apps will showcase hundreds of hours of top action and outdoor sports programming, as well as live events. This includes originally produced television content, feature films, shorts and clips from the world's best television producers and filmmakers in the action sports genre including surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, mountain bike, motocross, climbing, and more.

"The GCI channel will offer content producers industry-leading programming opportunities designed to maximize advertising income for producers worldwide. In addition, television producers and filmmakers will be privy to exclusive options aimed at maximizing reach, visibility and relevancy with consumers, including unlimited multi-platform channels and sub-channels.

"Our GCI channel will not only help televisions producers, filmmakers and brands maximize their reach, but will also help fans easily discover quality content," said Harry S. Vested, Jr., CEO of Gravity Collection, Inc. "Our plan is to build the GCI channel offering globally, and have it feature the largest and best collection of quality action and outdoor sports content available within a single branded action sports channel in the world, as well as multi-platform. No other action sports channel offers fans this much variety or offers brands such extensive and comprehensive marketing options. What makes GCI different from other companies is our ability to create high quality original content, live events and market the GCI brand under ongoing national marketing campaigns to maximize reach and attract viewership, and provide our media management and search optimization expertise. This is unique in the action sports space."

GRAVITY COLLECTION, INC., (GRAVITY), is a leader in action and outdoor sports television and film programming, across the broadest and most advanced platforms available to the genre. GCI already distributes packaged media to over 2.6 billion eyeballs and retailers worldwide; holds contracts to air films across a variety of channel distribution outlets and digital multi-platforms; provides television, video-on-demand content.

The company's mission is to deliver the largest library of best-in-class action and outdoor sports films, original content and live events to a global audience. GCI represents the interests of some of the most influential filmmakers and recognizable brands by maximizing value via comprehensive multi-platform rights exploitation. GCI maintains one of largest and most awarded collection of television and film content in the genre.

The GCI team comprises broadcast media in RJ Media executives, award winning producers, distribution experts, and passionate participants in the action and outdoor sports lifestyle. GCI is headquartered with offices in Denver, New York, Sydney, Australia and Beijing, China.

About RJMEDIA, (RJMEDIA), is a Sydney Australia-based Sports Entertainment Company focused on a broad range of content creation opportunities in digital media, commercial production, live events, film and television. With unique structural and operational independence, RJMEDIA teams with local producers, global distribution partners, and finance sources to launch each venture. RJMEDIA's experienced in-house team is talented in multiple genres, formats, and the latest technology. The company's client list includes a wide range of industry leaders within their respective categories globally.


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