TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2013) - A new foreign exchange consultancy, Semathy (www.semathy.com) uses an original new algorithm to accurately and consistently calculate fluctuations a minute or a month in advance, according to its creator, mathematician Lambros Klouvidakis.

"I've followed the model of the many pioneers who've preceded me, from Pythagoras to Copernicus to Columbus to Neil Armstrong and Steve Jobs, who demonstrated that the conventional wisdom of their day was simply wrong. Today, conventional wisdom says you cannot predict what financial markets will do. That's wrong," says Klouvidakis, a Canadian market expert who says his algorithm is a world first.

After devoting 12,000 hours of his life and accumulating 9,000 pages of notes, Klouvidakis developed a formula that he says can calculate foreign exchange prices and more by the minute... any time.

The formula is based on the immutable qualities of money and the behavior of people toward money. It works for the foreign exchange and even the stock market which is influenced by far more variables.

"There is a substructure to the world's markets," he says. "A skill at abstraction and willingness to break down information into smaller and smaller pieces -- 'nanopieces' -- allows an observer to begin to see a market's language."

Markets are like natural phenomena, which can seem highly complex, he says. But a forest, for example, is simply the constant self-replication of individual trees. Likewise, humans and our complex systems ultimately break down into simpler principles.

"Markets also boil down to simple factors," Klouvidakis says, "and when you know them, you can calculate the forthcoming value with a high degree of accuracy."

About Lambros Klouvidakis

Lambros Klouvidakis is the creator of Semathy, an elite foreign exchange consultancy. He is a math expert, not a trader, who has dedicated more than 12 years of his life to the study of currency exchange behavior. The formula he developed, an algorithm based on the behavior of money and supply and demand, marks current rates versus forthcoming rates. The Semathy formula is designed to give the ability to see what others cannot on the market's unique qualities and make strong decisions.

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