PARIS--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - Le Foodist, the Paris-based locale which invites travelers to discover food and wine through interactive events, now offers an enticing evening of wine edutainment. Scenically situated on a boat just beneath the Notre Dame cathedral in the heart of Paris, Daring Pairings at Le Foodist offers an inviting atmosphere for travelers to gather together and appreciate perfect pairings in fine French tradition.

Recognizing the close connection between culture and cuisine, Le Foodist creates events that are both entertaining and educational. At Daring Pairings, guests enjoy carefully selected combinations of wine and cheese. With games galore and anecdotes aplenty, travelers take part in an evening of French culture, history and of course wine!

Daring Pairings is a refreshing take on tasting, proving there are many ways to experience wine. Fred Pouillot, Founder of Le Foodist and Host of Daring Pairings, shares, "Daring Pairings is a meeting of the minds between our house Sommelier Stephane Bonnerot and myself. We want our guests to feel comfortable, to have fun, and to come away knowing which wines work with which foods, and why. To get to this point, we encourage our guests to make wine a full sensory experience, which typically leads them to a few aha moments over the course of the evening. Our guests leave the event with some take-home pairing skills, and thanks to our interactive and relaxed approach, they also have a few great stories of their own!"

Sight, smell, touch and of course taste are all explored as guests are led through a variety of French wines, from dry white to robust red and even sweet dessert wines. Four French cheeses, two of which are aged to different degrees, provide six distinct flavors used as a basis for the pairings, which involve unpredictable and unusual combinations. Even perfumes are used to help guests learn to identify and recognize aroma and flavor. Each session wraps up with a champagne toast, savoured in the heart of Paris.

Co-host and Le Foodist Sommelier Stephane Bonnerot explains, "With Daring Pairings, we want to remove the barriers that come with traditional wine tasting. Both Fred and I use storytelling to teach our guests about French wines, and how these wines relate to food. We have created an environment where our guests feel comfortable taking part in each activity. Our goal? We want our guests to have as much fun as we are having!"

The perfect aperitif to a culinary soiree in Paris, Daring Pairings runs from 6:00pm - 7:45 pm, and starts at 65 euro per person, including tax and tip.

About Le Foodist:
Fred Pouillot created Le Foodist based on his belief that food provides a unique approach to understanding culture. Through exclusive events such as Once Upon a Table, Daring Pairings, Sweet Stories and Travel and Chef, Le Foodist offers English speakers in Paris an opportunity to revel in French culture and cuisine. For more information, please visit or find Le Foodist on Facebook at

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