SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - Ritter Communications recently launched an enhanced version of its Managed Voice service, which is designed to provide customers with greater accessibility and added flexibility with a hosted telephony infrastructure. 

Managed Voice is made possible through the technology leadership of Metaswitch Networks, Aastra and Cisco, successfully integrated into a single, end-to-end hosted business solution. To learn more about the benefits of Managed Voice by Ritter Communications, click here

Ritter Communications provides a range of customized services to businesses under its Quantum brand, from high-speed Internet and video to virtual cloud and voice services. Ritter has developed the Managed Voice service by deploying Metaswitch's Hosted Business Services solution as the switching and application platforms for multimedia telephony. Complementing this, Cisco's fully managed networking infrastructure enables optimal control over the service offering, while a broad selection of Aastra IP handsets and accessories meet user demand. 

"Our customers need flexibility to help them run their businesses," explains Doug Maglothin, product development manager at Ritter Communications. "We streamlined provisioning and increased access to features to improve customer experience. Additionally, we decreased the costs and time to deploy Managed Voice service, allowing us to pass along savings to our customers. The positive customer feedback has been overwhelming."

"Ritter has been serving its communities for over a hundred years, continuing to offer the latest services to keep in step with its customers' requirements," said Bob Harvey, sales vice president at Metaswitch. "We support this valued customer relationship with an easy provisioning process and experience in marketing Hosted Business Services." 

About Ritter Communications

Ritter Communications is a regional telecommunications provider serving 57 communities and over 40,000 customers in northeast and north central Arkansas as well as west Tennessee with a full suite of communications services. Ritter invests heavily in the communities it serves by deploying proven, best-in-class infrastructure and technology while coupling it with a world-class, customer-focused experience. Ritter's investment in a state-of-the-art network allows all customers, regardless of their location, to enjoy advanced services typically found only in major metropolitan areas.

Headquartered today in Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ritter continues to expand its sphere of Quantum services including high speed WAN, Ethernet, managed services, Internet access, cloud-based applications and video. Additionally, Ritter has partnered to provide connectivity to national and regional broadband networks such as: Arkansas e-link, ARE-ON and Internet2, which provide a positive impact on the communities Ritter serves. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

About Metaswitch Networks

Metaswitch is powering the transition of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric future. With a reputation earned by solving tough technical problems, Metaswitch develops openly programmable solutions that run on standard hardware or in virtualized environments and act as the key control points in elastic voice, video and data networks. Hundreds of network operators worldwide defend, extend and brand their business by building on Metaswitch to deliver a reliable, scalable, and immersive communications experience. For more information, please visit  

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