SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 11, 2013) - Busy sales reps know the sooner they follow up with prospects and customers, the more likely they are to close deals. Today, ClearSlide, the leading sales engagement platform, released Connect, its latest mobile sales solution that enables sales teams to instantly access all ClearSlide content, including presentation decks, whitepapers, videos and more from their mobile phone, then easily send it to prospects and receive instant alerts when content is viewed.

How the Connect app works:

  • Connect is a revolutionary iOS app that enables sales teams to effortlessly send collateral from a mobile phone. It's as easy as snapping a photo of a contact's business card, selecting the desired collateral from a ClearSlide account, and then hitting send for instant delivery. Reps can select a pre-made template or compose a custom email using one or multiple presentations.
  • With Connect, sales reps can also receive push notifications from their ClearSlide account to stay up-to-the-minute on hot leads or customer requests. Push notifications let sales reps know exactly when and how prospects are engaging with their content, so they can structure follow-ups for maximum results.


  • "Speed and mobility are key for field sales teams," said Al Lieb, CEO and co-founder of ClearSlide. "Sales reps need to be able to connect with their customers and prospects quickly, from anywhere, in order to drive deals forward. We added Connect to our mobile sales offering to make it easy to stay productive from the road."
  • "Connect is an amazing tool for salespeople in the field," said Kal Sanghera, Account Executive at VSP. "After you meet with someone, you can scan their card and before they get to their car they have a follow up e-mail."
  • "ClearSlide makes us nimble and more responsive - we're ready for anything. Fast follow up with prospects is key and with ClearSlide Mobile Apps, there's no searching for Wi-Fi and missing out on that valuable response window that impresses customers and prospects," said Megan Malone, Digital Director of Sales for Summit Media. "We want our sales team out in the field, engaging directly with prospects, not tied to their desks. ClearSlide makes this possible -- it's our mobile office."

ClearSlide's Complete Mobile Sales Solution:

  • ClearSlide understands that "The Laptop May Be Facing Extinction for Sales People" as busy field sales reps are abandoning cumbersome technologies in favor of smart phones, tablets, and web technologies throughout the selling process.
  • The company created a complete suite of solutions to enable field sales people to seamlessly deliver presentations, monitor deals, and communicate valuable sales analytics information to their team and sales management -- all while away from their desks and on the road. These solutions include: ClearSlide Remote, ClearSlide Outside, and ClearSlide Connect.
  • ClearSlide Remote is smartphone app that enables sales reps to select and drive their presentations from their iPhone or Android device. ClearSlide Remote ensures that sales reps have reliable access to their presentations from any location along with a simple interface to advance through presentations, while still engaging with their audience.
  • ClearSlide Outside is an intuitive, mobile-optimized interface that allows sales teams to access key pieces of collateral, presentations, and proposal documents from anywhere. Gone are the days of missed pitch opportunities -- sales teams can now dive into their content on the go, even without access to the Internet.
  • ClearSlide Connect is an iOS app that enables field sales teams to quickly and easily follow up with and engage with customers and new contacts while on the go.


About ClearSlide:
ClearSlide is the leading sales engagement platform that empowers sales teams with the confidence to engage customers and close more business. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., ClearSlide serves thousands of customers, including Rackspace, Dow Jones, LinkedIn, Expedia and Lexis Nexis. For more information on ClearSlide, visit

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