SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 11, 2013) - Avatier Corp., a leader in risk-driven identity management software, explains how identity management software can make audit cycles easier and more efficient in its blog, "The Perpetual Audit: Hop Off the Hamster Wheel With Identity and Access Management Software." According to the blog, next-generation solutions are now available to help ensure an accelerated, more streamlined audit process, while saving organization's cost.

"Organizations, especially the highly regulated, dedicate countless hours to compliance audits," said Nelson Cicchitto, chairman and CEO of Avatier. "While necessary, these take valuable time away from other security tasks. By relying on automated identity and access management, the time and aggravation associated with preparing for and executing access audits will greatly diminish."

But next-generation identity and access management software incorporates three key capabilities that will relieve these complexities and inefficiencies according to the blog.

  • User self-service is a key capability today's highly regulated organizations should look for in a next-generation identity and access management software solution. This feature not only drives down helpdesk service costs associated with access requests, it also frees IT personnel to focus on other critical tasks in the organization while empowering the business to make security decisions.
  • Role-based access provisioning is another capability, and ensures access to confidential data is controlled and limited to only specified personnel. Should roles change, permissions to access confidential data will automatically be updated in accordance with the change.
  • Finally, next-generation identity and access management software can simplify and automate data collection and reporting, greatly streamlining and accelerating access certification audits.

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