SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2013) - Datacenter Dynamics San Francisco -- FieldView Solutions, a market leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), today announced FieldView 6.0. The DCIM solution has been enhanced with features that simplify the integration of historical and real-time data collected by FieldView, into asset, systems and network management solutions as well as financial applications, dynamic facilities control, IT power control and other applications. FieldView 6.0 will be previewing at Datacenter Dynamics San Francisco, Booth #47.

FieldView 6.0's ability to provide extended Business Intelligence capabilities, capacity planning, customizable dashboard views, data warehousing abilities, trouble ticketing integration and internationalization features places this DCIM solution among the industry's most adaptable and flexible data center management tools available. 

FieldView 6.0 helps address the critical gaps between gathering, storing, analyzing and just as important -- sharing the data with other applications. To address these gaps, FieldView Solutions is changing from providing a custom integration for individual applications to creating two different data links that streamline and share power, cooling, historical and other information critical to optimizing today's data centers. 

1. DataView - A non-compressed cache of data for a wide variety of applications to access or publish historical and trending data for asset management and capacity planning needs.
2. LiveView - A live temperature and power feed that offers the most recent measurement readings for an at-a-glance view of global data center operations.

Together, these two new features enable FieldView 6.0 to virtually interconnect with any application whether it is volumes of historical data for trending or real-time data for quick monitoring and measurement. Complementing the new data sharing abilities, FieldView 6.0 has also been enhanced with additional features that include:

  • Extended Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities - BI functionality have been greatly enhanced, including capacity planning of space, power and cooling.
  • Data Warehouse Excel Integration - Fully-customizable Excel features enable users to save any query or run any regression.
  • Enhanced Dashboards - With the use of configurable widgets, FieldView's user dashboards can now be customized. Whether the end user wants to view PUE data or just alarms, this new feature provides only the information desired. 
  • "What If" Planning Scenarios - Predictive analysis is critical to data center operations and FieldView 6.0 has enhanced functionality to help forecast space, power and cooling requirements vs. available capacity, and to simulate the impact of potential deployments.
  • Ticketing System Integration - Full integration with industry-leading ticketing systems enables integration with customers' operational processes for resolving critical alerts. FieldView 6.0 generates alarms, and aggregates alarms generated by the systems it monitors.
  • Mobile - Leveraging HTML5, FieldView 6.0 information is now optimized for smart phones and tablet viewing and interaction.
  • Internationalization - FieldView will offer five languages: Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and Spanish as well as inherent capability of operating and capturing data in Metric or Imperial units.
  • Energy Optimization - Enhanced reports provide power, cooling and space trending information to identify servers with long-term power draws and other anomalies.
  • IT Asset Management Integration - Newly enhanced version now has a common format for importing and synchronizing data -- making a simpler and deeper connection to asset management tools to automatically share information.

"FieldView 6.0 represents a wealth of customer feedback and the realization to conform our solution to better meet the needs of a global marketplace," said Tim Regovich, Chief Technology Officer, FieldView Solutions. "We are proud to offer a data center tool that's adaptable enough to integrate into any existing set of data center management tools while flexible enough to conform to individual requirements."

The aforementioned FieldView 6.0 features will be delivered throughout Q3 and Q4 of 2013. For additional information, please contact FieldView Solutions at (732) 395-6920 or via email at

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