PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Fovia, Inc., a world leader in volume rendering technology, today announced that it would be presenting "High Definition Volume Rendering®: The Advantages of Multi-core CPUs vs. GPUs for Volumetric Ray Casting" in an Intel-sponsored exhibitor session at SIGGRAPH 2013. Fovia's presentation will showcase its HDVR® software using off-the-shelf Intel CPUs at SIGGRAPH, the world's premier event on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

High Definition Volume Rendering is an advanced technology for real-time visualization, analysis and distribution of large, three-dimensional datasets acquired by modern imaging modalities. HDVR leverages the scalability and flexibility of Intel's multi-core CPU processors, creating a game-changing combination that exceeds the capabilities of GPU-based imaging systems. By using CPU-based volumetric ray casting to minimize computational costs and maximize quality and performance, HDVR overcomes the many limitations of currently available imaging technologies. Fovia's HDVR uses sub-voxel super-sampling to achieve superior, high fidelity pixel output that can be deployed locally, enterprise-wide and via the cloud, including on mobile devices.

"Fovia's High Definition Volume Rendering, combined with workstation and high performance clusters based on the Intel Xeon processors E5 2600, are helping scientists, doctors and geophysicists visualize and comprehend their complex datasets with greater interactivity than ever before," said Wes Shimanek, Workstation Segment Manager, Intel Corporation.

Ken Fineman, Chief Executive Officer of Fovia, stated, "SIGGRAPH is widely respected as the world's premier graphics conference, and we are honored that Intel has invited Fovia to showcase our innovative, CPU-based volume rendering software at this venue."

"High Definition Volume Rendering: The Advantages of Multi-core CPUs vs. GPUs for Volumetric Ray Casting" will be presented on July 24, 2013 at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California. For more information, click here. In addition, Fovia will be showcasing HDVR at Intel's SIGGRAPH Booth 201 from July 23-25. For more information on SIGGRAPH, click here.

About Fovia, Inc.
Fovia has developed High Definition Volume Rendering®, a CPU-based, advanced visualization technology platform that delivers unparalleled quality, performance, scalability and flexibility. Fovia's innovative HDVR® solution successfully overcomes the inherent limitations of other currently available imaging technologies, thereby enabling local, enterprise-wide and web-based volumetric rendering with affordable, off-the-shelf computers.

Fovia's flagship product, HDVR® Connect, is a software-only, advanced visualization solution that includes all of the key attributes required by today's vendors and their customers: performance, quality, scalability, anytime/anywhere image access, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. With HDVR Connect, OEM vendors can deliver unrivaled image quality and uncompromised performance, both locally and remotely, in 2D, 3D and 4D advanced volume visualization applications.

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