SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based mobile and web application testing solutions, today announced Sauce Team, a new management console that expands the Sauce Labs platform to provide monitoring, reporting and collaboration for large enterprise users. The release comes as Sauce Labs closed a $5 million Series C venture capital investment round led by Toba Capital.

Sauce Team represents the first in a series of new products, services and platform enhancements Sauce Labs has planned targeting the specific needs of larger, more complex enterprises. The management console provides dashboards and reporting tools that give QA and Engineering Directors visibility across all development groups and into the status of all of their tests; thousands of tests and hundreds of builds are run on Sauce every day. The console also makes it easier for cross-functional groups to collaborate and share test results, speeding up the debugging process.

The ranks of enterprise customers using Sauce Labs has increased steadily since the company began in 2009 and Sauce has been laying the foundation for a comprehensive testing platform for mobile and enterprise applications ever since. In addition to its web application testing cloud, Sauce Labs rolled out support for testing mobile web applications and Mac OS X in 2012. Sauce expanded its mobile testing cloud earlier this year by adding support for native and hybrid mobile applications using Appium, an open source mobile app testing tool. This enables companies to test their iOS and Android apps for cross-browser compatibility using the same set of test scripts as for desktop applications.

More than 50 million tests have run in the Sauce cloud and developers are now running more than six million tests each month with that number steadily rising. The Sauce Labs platform is already used by some of the largest consumer and enterprise brands, including Dropbox, Eventbrite, McKesson, Mozilla, Salesforce (which is also an investor), Yammer and Yelp. The latest round of venture capital investment will be used for further platform development and expanding sales and marketing. For further details on the Series C funding, see the press release at

"We're seeing an explosion in the demand for automated testing solutions that can ensure an exceptional end-user experience while also safeguarding web and mobile revenue for the enterprise," said John Dunham, CEO and co-founder of Sauce Labs. "We're very excited to expand our solution with Sauce Team. This is a big leap forward on our road map and it will help ensure we dramatically expand our market share and our reach within the enterprise."

Sauce Team Detailed

Sauce Team expands the ability of the manager of a testing or development team to manage a larger number of users and tests from a single location, helping organizations function more efficiently and adhere to agile development principles. The primary features within Sauce Team are:

  • Management Dashboards - New dashboards enable group leaders to monitor all active tests and users from just a few dashboard views. Test results are now organized by build so users can quickly identity test failures and access and share relevant details. New reporting capacity has also made it easier to search historical data, giving managers the ability to determine the cost of supporting specific browsers or identify patterns in performance.
  • Enhanced Continuous Integration Compatibility - Recognizing how users have begun to employ continuous integration within Sauce Labs, which integrates with all of the leading CI frameworks, Sauce Team gives users easy access to all testing activities and results for individual builds through detailed videos, snapshots and reports on test activities to help speed up debugging.
  • Cross-team Collaboration - New capabilities connected to the dashboards enable users to share testing details within the platform to support collaboration. With messages, users can share videos, screenshots and test logs with other team members quickly and easily.

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"When developing and testing any site, efficiency is key. The service that Sauce Labs provides Eventbrite allows us to release more code more often by taking our automated testing time from hours to minutes." Brian O'Neill, Senior QA Automation Engineer at Eventbrite

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