SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - News360, a leading personalized news app, today announced the launch of its sponsored content platform, a new way for brand journalists and marketers to find and grow audiences for their content through a highly relevant, contextual experience. News360 uses an advanced personalization engine to tailor an individual's newsfeed based on interests, reading behavior and social cues. In an initial month-long campaign with Cincom Systems, News360 delivered clickthroughs and engagement that far exceeded industry averages. News360 is free and available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

News360's four million users are highly engaged, with 26% of all user sessions lasting more than 10 minutes, and 25% of users returning more than 7 times per week. In a month-long sponsored content campaign with Cincom Systems, News360 delivered an impressive 12.5% unique CTR rate on iPhone and 5% unique CTR on iPad, increasing Cincom's overall readership by 48%. Other campaign results included:

  • An average of 1:30 minutes spent on each article on iPhone, and 1:15 minutes on iPad
  • 7% of readers sharing brand content on social networks and through email

News360 is also working with Intel on a sponsored content campaign that highlights the company's expert content in big data and IT management by driving traffic to its digital magazine app, Intel® IT Business Report.

"Brands are increasingly becoming their own content publishers, but finding and growing the right audience for the brand remains a big challenge," said News360 CEO Roman Karachinsky. "Our promoted content platform allows marketers to plug in existing brand editorial, corporate blogs, whitepapers or video in any format, and target it to a very specific, highly engaged, mobile audience."

"Cincom Systems' content is specifically designed to target high-level decision makers and business professionals, so my marketing team is faced with the challenge of extending the magazine's reach by finding a very specific type of reader. They're not the people you just find on Facebook," said Marilyn Cox, Director of Marketing Communications at Cincom Systems. "News360's sponsored stories amplified our brand voice and thought leadership by simply leveraging our existing content creation efforts."

News360 offers companies the opportunity to promote original, branded content or amplify third-party, editorial content about their brand. Using the app's personalization engine to identify relevant audiences for sponsored stories, News360 learns from users' repeated use and automatically adjusts targeted segments based on performance. To learn more about News360's sponsored stories platform, please visit

About News360
News360 is a personalized news discovery platform for smartphones, tablets and the Web that helps you uncover high-quality, relevant articles about the day's top headlines and your specific interests and hobbies. News360 is a tool that filters through the influx of online content to surface what matters most, ensuring that you're always well-informed of the news that's most relevant to you. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, News360 individually tailors newsfeeds for each user and continues to fine-tune its personalization algorithm the more you use it.

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