PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2013) - Accellion, Inc., the pioneer in providing enterprise-class, secure mobile productivity solutions, today announced new enhanced features for mobile management and device control. Accellion now provides IT and security organizations with selective remote wipe, whitelisted mobile apps and strengthened IT admin controls, enhancing the security of business-sensitive information, while complying with industry data security regulations.

The Accellion enhanced remote wipe feature gives administrators device-level management not previously offered by a mobile productivity solution, to further ensure the security of an organization's data. This feature addresses two common security scenarios. The first is if a device is lost or stolen the Accellion remote wipe feature only targets business data held in the encrypted Accellion file container, employees who have their mobile content wiped will not lose any personal information, or have their device reset to factory settings. Considering that more than 8,000 mobile devices were left in top airports over the span of a year, this is a critical function for organizations to have at their disposal. The second is if an employee leaves the company an IT admin can wipe data at the individual level, which is essential if the user shared a machine with other employees.

"The massive proliferation of consumer devices including smartphones and tablet computers is driving the trend of IT consumerization within the enterprise, which has serious and immediate implications for IT risk management," said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst, ESG. "CISOs can't delay; they need detailed security strategies for mobile use in the enterprise that include acceptable use policies, mobile device and content management, and security controls."

In addition to the new remote wipe feature, Accellion offers a number of new administrative controls so that security and IT professionals can ensure the privacy and compliance of their organization's mobile content. These features include:

  • Whitelisting apps: Admins can whitelist specific apps employees can use to open their documents on mobile devices, ensuring that sensitive business content is not replicated or stored in unmanaged cloud apps.
  • Customizable user profiles: IT admins can customize collaboration and file transfer capabilities for individual users and groups of users depending on business requirements. These custom profiles, and their accompanying security controls, are easily applied across targeted users with a few clicks.
  • Native anti-virus integration: As part of the Accellion solution, organizations can choose to run all data through Accellion's AV scanning so that malware is blocked from entering the network or mobile device.
  • Multi-LDAP support: Accellion offers multi-LDAP support, enabling enterprises to simultaneously connect to numerous LDAP servers for user authentication.
  • DLP integration: Accellion integrates with a number of DLP solutions via the ICAP protocol, including Symantec (Vontu), RSA, Fidelis, Palisades, Websense and Code Green Networks, extending data leak prevention to mobile usage.
  • FIPS 140-2: Accellion is the only mobile file sharing vendor in the market offering a FIPS 140-2 certified module, providing the highest level of government-grade security software certification.

"More than 75 percent of the workforce will be mobile by the end of 2013, and Accellion is dedicated to improving the way employees and IT admins alike secure their organization's mobile data," said Vidhya Ranganathan, senior vice president of engineering, Accellion. "Security and IT departments need better oversight of any device where corporate data lives, to reduce the risk of data leaks. Our enhanced mobile management and device control features do just that for our customers."

Accellion provides a number of other offerings to secure an organization's data, such as auditable reports, single sign-on capabilities through SAML and Kerberos, and the ability to configure multi-site deployments spanning public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. Visit the Accellion solutions page to learn how IT departments can customize Accellion's controls to their preferred level of security and control.

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