J.Hilburn Leads the Revolution in Custom Menswear

Fastest Growing Custom Menswear Brand Releases First Half 2013 Revenues; National Network of 2,500 Personal Stylists Now Selling 15,000 Custom Shirts per Month

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) - Today J.Hilburn, the fastest growing custom clothing company in the world, has released its results from the first half of 2013. The company's direct to consumer model and widespread network of nearly 3,000 personal stylists continues to accelerate growth of customers and volume of sales in markets of all sizes. Since its 2007 launch, J.Hilburn has doubled revenues year over year and is on track to continue this trend in 2013, becoming a $55 million company by the end of the year. Making an average of 15,000 shirts per month, J.Hilburn has sold 300,000 custom shirts to date and is now the largest maker of custom shirts and made-to-measure trousers worldwide.

Q1/Q2 2013 Highlights Include:

  • Revenue climbed more than 100% over Q1/Q2 revenues in 2012, with 2013 sales projected to surpass $55 million
  • Sold an average 15,000 custom shirts per month at an increasing rate, with a projected rate of 20,000 to be sold per month by year end
  • Expanded brand offerings to include sport coats and outerwear made from Loro Piana fabrics, as well as premium denim through partnerships with J Brand and AG Jeans
  • Increased the number of personal stylists (direct sales style advisors) nationwide by 78% over 2012
  • Achieved a 6% return order rate, compared to the national average e-commerce return rate of 25-30%

"We're living in a global economy where high quality products and great customer experiences are expected by today's consumers," said Hil Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of J.Hilburn. "Where J.Hilburn differentiates itself from any other menswear and apparel brand is through a business model built on making clothes that fit each man's personal style and measurements. Our products are sold at a reasonable price point because we believe that no man should have to pay a premium to wear another man's name."

J.Hilburn's unique business model, combining direct sales with e-commerce, enables the brand to scale rapidly by offering luxury quality apparel at accessible price points, while also successfully combining online shopping with the power of an in-person interaction. The company has built a network of trained personal stylists across the country, equipped to sell J.Hilburn's full line of custom and ready-to-wear menswear and accessories. Each piece of clothing is made from fine quality fabrics made from top mills in Italy.

J.Hilburn has established a presence in 42 markets, ranging from small cities to the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Between 2012 and 2013, the fastest growing customer bases were located in small markets, proving the company's ability to scale regardless of location, and penetrate markets that are inaccessible to traditional retailers. Demonstrating the power of the direct sales model as a new sales channel for brands, J.Hilburn has become the 4th largest retailer of AG Jeans, behind three of the top national department stores, Neiman Marcus, Barney's and Nordstrom. 

"The growth that we've seen has been largely driven by the J.Hilburn network of Stylists, who are truly the heart of the company," said Veeral Rathod, President and Co-Founder of J.Hilburn. "We're investing heavily in technology and product development in order to equip Stylists with the tools they need to offer the best possible service to their customers, while in the process building a business as individuals and as part of a highly motivated network."

In the past year, J.Hilburn has also developed a dedicated technology practice in Santa Monica, California, and hired 15 new employees to grow the digitally integrated business. Leading the team is Senior Vice President of Technology Product Development Heather Inocencio, who comes to J.Hilburn from her former role as Director of Product at HauteLook. Heather is joined by Vice President of Relationship Marketing Hayley Osher, who brings experience from her time at the director level at BeachMint and HauteLook. Additionally, J.Hilburn continues to work with renowned brand expert Scott Bedbury, who joined the company's Board of Advisors in 2012.

"Having been lucky enough to work with brands like Nike and Starbucks at transitional times in their respective businesses, it is clear to me that J.Hilburn is in a similarly transitional space, in an industry that is hungry for disruption," said Scott Bedbury, Board Member at J.Hilburn and CEO of BrandStream. "The company's tremendous success in 2013 is a direct reflection of J.Hilburn's obsession with quality and value, and a unique business model that can reach markets of all sizes."

About J.Hilburn
J.Hilburn is a luxury men's brand that delivers custom and ready to wear apparel and accessories made from the world's finest materials, hand constructed for every customer and offered at affordable prices. Shopping with J.Hilburn is unlike any retail experience in the world in terms of quality, service and value. Our network of nearly 3000 trusted personal style advisors across the country ensures the highest quality of service, customized fit and personal attention. J.Hilburn is disrupting the entire retail industry by compressing the supply chain, delivering exceptional quality menswear at a fraction of the price of comparable brands, and wrapping it with service and personal attention that no other retailer can provide. If you're ready to join the revolution, go to www.jhilburn.com to learn more.

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