BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y., July 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digitech Computer, Inc. announced today the City of Plano, Texas, has extended their contract for EMS Billing and Collections for another year, exercising their option to renew the original 2-year deal signed in July 2011.

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Assistant Chief Jim Dickerson heads up the Emergency Operations Division of Plano Fire-Rescue and is responsible for the delivery of a range of emergency and non-emergency services to the Plano community. "Digitech was the right choice for EMS billing for Plano," states Dickerson. "They combine a technology-driven approach to ambulance billing with a strong commitment to customer support. It's been a great partnership."

Digitech initially came on board to handle EMS billing for Plano in 2011 after the City had completed an exhaustive study of the EMS service operating within the Plano Fire Department. The report made it evident that a top-tier billing company was required to help Plano Fire-Rescue address the challenges they faced. Accuracy in billing, thorough followup, and a comprehensive electronic process for filing medical transport claims were clearly called for. Plano's department is regarded as a national leader by fire administrators, so the opportunity created an opening to make a strong impression in the Texas fire community. Digitech was pleased to step up to the challenge, and the result has been very favorable. "Digitech is as committed to us now as they were in the beginning, and they are as professional and prompt to respond," says Sonora Copling, Senior Administrative Assistant for EMS and Training for the city of Plano. "No matter who I speak with, I am treated as if there is no other place that person would rather be than on the phone helping me. I can think of no bigger compliment."

Walt Pickett, II, SVP of Development and Support for Digitech, says, "The folks at Plano have been really sharp right from the start – asking the right questions, understanding what they needed to do, taking advantage of the tools and services we've provided to them – they made my job much easier."

About Plano Fire-Rescue

Plano Fire-Rescue is recognized both locally and nationally as a leader in best practices in fire service management and administration. Plano Fire-Rescue is the only fire department in the United States to have CFAI (Commission on Fire Accreditation, International) accreditation, CAAS (Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services) accreditation, and an ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class 1 rating. Services delivered by Plano Fire-Rescue include fire suppression, advanced life support medical treatment and transportation, specialized rescue operations, hazardous materials incident mitigation, and response to weather-related emergencies. Primary non-emergency services include fire prevention inspections and public safety education programs.

About Digitech Computer, Inc.

Digitech Computer, Inc. has been providing advanced ambulance EMS billing services and software to the medical transportation industry since 1984. Digitech's highly trained EMS billing services team relieves the end-user of day-to-day ambulance billing responsibilities, giving service providers more freedom to run their businesses. The Digitech team includes veterans of the ambulance industry, technical experts, software developers, and billing service professionals. Digitech offers a rich blend of proprietary software technology and EMS billing services combined with a flexible approach that adapts products to suit the unique needs of its clients.

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