SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 2, 2013) - Due to a defective DePuy ASR XL hip implant, Loren Kransky was given less than six months to live. The amounts of cobalt and chromium metal levels in his bloodstream were so high, that even representatives of DePuy deemed them unacceptable. Seeking compensation for his pain and suffering, Kransky contacted the Law Offices of Dean Goetz. Since then, Kransky's life has taken a decisive turn for the better. Not only was he rewarded an $8.34 million dollar verdict, but the levels of metal present in his body are slowly returning back to normal.

The historic judgment in the case of Kransky vs. DePuy and Johnson and Johnson, which marked the first recalled hip trial ever in the U.S, took place on March 8, 2013 and was presided over by Judge Kramer. Seeing as the plaintiff was only given a short time to live, Dean Goetz filed a Preference Motion, which allowed Kransky to appear before the jury far sooner than he would be able to otherwise.

After telling his harrowing tale to the Los Angeles jury, Kransky, with the help of Goetz, Gomez and medical experts, was able to convince them that the device was in fact defective. Once the verdict was announced, Kransky's story went viral, prompting other DePuy ASR recipients to consider filing their own lawsuits.

Thankfully, Mr. Kransky was able to get his defective ASR device removed. As it turned out, the metal fretting from the device had all but destroyed his hip tissues and nearby muscles. The levels of metal present in his body at the time were considered eight times higher than normal. Goetz is proud to announce that since the removal, Kransky is beginning to finally feel better.

Dean Goetz has been representing patients afflicted by personal injuries caused by defective devices for years. He has won a plethora of six and seven figure verdicts for his clients and continues to seek justice for anyone victimized by medical negligence.

Based in San Diego, attorney Dean Goetz and John Gomez are encouraging anyone who has received a DePuy ASR to contact their office, reminding them that since the DePuy case is not considered a Class Action lawsuit, that each injured person is entitled to file his or her own grievance against the company.

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Dean Goetz is a personal injury attorney operating out of California. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of North Dakota. Recently, Goetz and John Gomez secured $8.3 million in compensatory damages for plaintiff Loren Kranksy -- a patient who contacted metallosis from a defective hip implant. The Law Offices of Dean Goetz's website is located at

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