A Word to Wise Business Owners: Don't Jump to "C" Corp Classification Just Because Personal Tax Rates Rose

Owners of Growing Companies May Be Best Served by Retaining Their "S" Corp Designation, so They Can Continue to Defer Revenue and Avoid Double Taxation, Says Video From Marks Paneth & Shron

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 19, 2013) - The passage of the American Tax Relief Act raised tax rates for some high-income individuals and has owners of some growing businesses thinking they should change their company's designation from an "S" corporation to a "C" corporation, in which profits don't automatically flow through to the owners.

But smart business owners will avoid this knee-jerk reaction. A video from John Evans, Partner in Marks Paneth & Shron's Tax Group, explains the reasons why owners of growing companies may best be served by retaining their "S" corporation -- or flow-through -- designation, despite the new 39.6% marginal tax rate for individuals. Benefits include:

  • Avoiding double taxation. Income earned by an "S" corporation flows straight through to the owners who pay the income taxes on these amounts.

  • Selling the assets of the business. If an "S" corporation finds a buyer, its shareholders are required to pay income taxes on the appreciation of the assets of the business, and the corporation is generally not subject to a corporate-level tax.

The video urges owners of growing businesses to think twice before changing the designation of their company. Simply considering higher marginal tax rates is not the best way to evaluate whether the business should be, or remain, an "S" corporation or "C" corporation.

The video can be viewed here: http://www.markspaneth.com/publications/the-advantages-of-an-s-corp-vs.-a-c-corp.

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