MEMPHIS, TN--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2013) - When Jacob Karam walked into St. Jude Children's Research Hospital last month it wasn't because he was asked or required by his University to do so. Rather, it was Jacob's giving nature and kind heart that compelled him to start playing the piano for an 11-year-old cancer patient.

Karam's thoughtful gesture was recorded on videotape. In the video, which went viral shortly after being uploaded, Jacob is playing Jessie J's Price Tag. Sitting beside him and singing along is Breanna Bercegeay. Until she met Jacob, little Breanna -- or Bree, as she is known to friends -- would never sing in front of anyone else. She was just too shy. But Jacob's warm and comforting presence brought out the best in the young cheerleader, providing her with renewed hope only months after receiving devastating news.

Earlier this year, Bree was diagnosed with leukemia. A Facebook page entitled Cheering for Breanna offers a visual timeline of her struggle, from the days shortly after her diagnosis to the present. The video featuring Bree and Jacob is prominently displayed on the page. Directly above the video a caption, written by Breanna's mother, reads:

"QB from University of Memphis Football team came by to visit. He was playing the piano for the kids. Well my child had to be the one singing to all of his songs. She didn't want to stop."

In total, Breanna sang 10 songs with Jacob. Shockingly, Jacob never revealed to Bree's family that he was the star quarterback of a prominent football team. They only found out after the fact, when Jacob told a staff member that he wanted to get football tickets for the kids. When asked how he could do that, Jacob revealed that he was the team's quarterback. The point is, Jacob wasn't at St Jude's to brag about his personal accomplishments, nor was he there to be the center of attention. He was only there because he cared about the children.

This isn't the first time Jacob has visited the hospital. Approximately once a month, Jacob, acting on his own accord, just shows up at the hospital and begins helping out. Sometimes he plays background music for the families eating in the cafeteria. Other times he'll participate in activities with the children. Karam will even help staff members move heavy objects, if that's what they need.

For his outstanding contributions, Jacob Karam is up for the 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. He is one of a record 151 nominated. The Good Works Team recognizes college football players for their philanthropy and compassion.

If someone had to sum up Jacob's personality in two words, they wouldn't be "football player." Rather, they'd be "awesome guy." At least that's how young Breanna will remember him. (see the video here: )

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Jacob is the starting quarterback for the University of Memphis and is up for 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works team. His father Jerome Karam is an attorney located in Friendswood, Texas.

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