MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Sep 9, 2013) - A new industry brief outlines that banks must gain greater control of content programming in their networks in order to achieve sought after digital signage benefits such as locally relevant content and regular message refresh.

The brief, which can be viewed at www.JohnRyan.com, indicates that banks are often struggling to realize these benefits due to inadequate up-front development of digital signage programming strategies, and because they lack the technological tools to maintain control of content across their networks as programming complexity increases.

It draws on a recent industry survey of 204 North American and European retail banks, conducted by retail-marketing agency JohnRyan, in which only about half of respondents reported developing a programming strategy prior to launching digital signage. Few of the developed strategies involved any degree of message targeting or tailoring sophistication.

The survey also reveals that many banks are disadvantaged by cumbersome content management systems that make it impossible for them to manage the complex programming needed to achieve locally relevant and rapidly refreshed content.

JohnRyan says that banks can overcome these challenges by carefully defining a programming strategy at the outset of a new project and by selecting an appropriate content management system (CMS) to manage the complexities of this vision.

"Messages quickly proliferate as banks strive to achieve locally relevant content in branch," explains Tom Pritzker, EVP Client Relationship Management at JohnRyan. "A carefully thought out content strategy and the selection of sophisticated tools, capable of simplifying granular management of programming, are key to maintaining complete control as content becomes more complex."

Banks that can control complex programming across their networks can achieve high levels of message localization and targeting. The brief cites the example of a European bank that has achieved sophisticated localization in over 500 sites through a carefully predefined programming strategy and a combination of intelligent rules based playlist creation and an online visualizer tool that allows the bank to maintain control over what is playing where and why. This particular European bank points to sales increases of more than 14% as proof of the success of their approach.

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