STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - Two radio industry entrepreneurs have drawn on their decades of experience in the field to create Blurt, a free audio messaging app for mobile devices that helps radio professionals and listeners overcome the limitations of traditional telephone call-ins.

Blurt simplifies audience interaction on talk radio by allowing listeners to compose, record, and review their thoughts, comments, or questions before sending them on to their chosen radio show instantly. A comprehensive web based Studio Admin Panel allows producers to easily preview and manage incoming Blurts prior to air. Additionally, hosts can pre-designate a maximum length for incoming Blurts from 10 to 60 seconds depending on factors such as the topic at hand or available air time. The time allowance will be displayed on the listener's Blurt app so they know how much time they have left. Users can then review and re-record their thoughts and opinions as many times as they want to ensure that they "get it right" before sending their sound bites to the show.

Blurt is an ideal substitute for toll-free lines, a particular consideration for budget conscious web stations and audio bloggers, and Blurts can be simultaneously posted to a station's Facebook or Twitter feed for maximum reach. An embeddable Blurt Webplayer showcases Blurts on any webpage -- allowing visitors to hear what people are saying about the topics being discussed on a given show.

Benefits for the Media:

1) Connect with audiences at any time - Hosts can reach their listeners who have the free Blurt app at any time by posting promotional announcements about the show, even if the listeners are not tuned in to the radio. This can be a valuable tool in building a show's audience.

2) Receive audience responses anytime - Promos for upcoming discussions and topics can include solicitations for immediate participation -- building audience content prior to a show's airtime by allowing listeners to Blurt their views in advance. Listeners who Blurt on topics before the show will be more likely to tune in because they have been personally involved and they will want to hear themselves on the air.

3) Receive audience responses from anywhere - Having the ability to reach listeners wherever a mobile device cell signal or network connection is available opens up audience participation to those who might not otherwise be accessible.

4) Superior audio - Blurt audio is much less compressed than low-latency cell audio and has a wider frequency response than traditional landline calls. This improves the intelligibility of participants and even makes Blurt suitable for news gathering or other field operations.

5) More focused responses - Some listeners are so intent on just getting though that they go blank when they finally get on the air. Even listeners who do formulate their thoughts beforehand can get distracted by either the delay or the emotional rush of being live on the air. The Blurt app encourages more focused responses by allowing listeners to compose their thoughts and re-record as many times as it takes.

6) Less rambling - It can be surprising how someone can sound intelligent when screened, yet go off on tangents that waste air time and kill momentum. The Blurt app puts an end to all of that.

7) Simple and convenient audience connection for podcast music and talk shows - These shows already offer their listeners on-demand convenience, and the Blurt app complements this timeless media platform with the ultimate flexibility for engaging their audiences.

Benefits for the listener:

1) Less embarrassment - There's nothing worse than regretting what you just said because you didn't have time to think about it first.

2) No more endless hold times - Listeners can wait on hold for a long time, even a half hour for some shows, just to be on the air for a few seconds. This is can be frustrating and dangerous for those using mobile phones in their cars, a popular location for radio listeners.

3) I'm on the air! - Using the Blurt app for talk shows, contests, or other audience interaction events allows listeners to hear themselves on the air and gives them time to get all their friends tuned, benefiting both the shows and their listeners!

Free Blurt apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices are available by visiting

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About Blurt
Blurt is the app that lets you record and share 60-second audio updates with the world. With just the touch of a button, users can now record, review, and share voice messages called "Blurts" privately with friends and family, or publicly with the entire Blurt community.

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