HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - The local real estate market is so hot it is causing a rapid appreciation of properties and low inventory, forcing Houston home buyers to pay more for houses, says real estate investor Brian Spitz. Founder and president of Big State Home Buyers in Houston, Spitz says client inventory on the open market is lower than it has been in about eight years. 

"It's a really good time to be a seller, not as good a time to be a buyer," says Spitz. "There are so many people who want to invest in real estate. It's a safe place to put money, if you buy at the right price."

However, Spitz says not everyone is making wise investments. Hedge fund groups sent representatives to Houston to buy up properties, including some "not necessarily real estate savvy" reps paying too much. They absorb a lot of negative equity off the market and a lot of foreclosures, he says, contributing to the lowest foreclosure inventory in years.

"So we've started paying more for houses than we ever have because we have to compete with supply and demand of the market," says Spitz. Knowing the market will change, Spitz is not discouraged. His company finds satisfaction in meeting sellers' needs.

"We're really focused on solving problems and being a service to people," says Spitz. "That's why we've won the awards we've won." Big State Home Buyers won two consecutive BBB Awards for Excellence, including the coveted Pinnacle Award in 2012 and the Winner of Distinction award in 2013.

Many people turn to Big State for selling an inherited home. Others want to sell a house fast for cash as the solution to a problem. Spitz admits it is an emotionally stressful job because, unlike home buyers dealing with banks and foreclosures, his staff deals directly with people.

"We're not just dealing with numbers," he says. 

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