KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2013) - MDL Technology, LLC, a Kansas City managed service and IT company, recently explained how customer relationship management (CRM) technology can increase business sales and growth. Mark Dryer, president of MDL Technology, provided several tips about how companies can leverage this powerful software.

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Dryer said, "IT has changed the way companies are approaching CRM. Consumer behavior, such as how consumers make purchasing decisions, what they purchase and how they purchase is changing. However, there is also a transformation in how consumers and companies interact with one another. Technology has created tons of new ways to collect data. With a good CRM system, companies can manage all of that customer data in one place, win new clients and increase profitability while minimizing costs."

According to Forbes, the CRM system that a business uses is as important as the people that a business hires. In the long run, it can have a more positive impact than any single employee. To maximize the business benefits of CRM, Forbes suggests making sure that employees are well-trained on how to use the CRM technology, making sure the CRM system integrates with other company systems and staying up-to-date on data with frequent reports.

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