THOUSAND OAKS, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) - Xirrus®, the leader in high-performance wireless networks, today announced a partnership with Optix Media, a wireless Internet service provider. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of Xirrus, Optix Media today has not only helped Brigham Young University-Idaho extend fast wireless service to 8,000 students in apartment complexes surrounding the university, but has also grown revenues and expanded its own geographical scope of operations significantly. Today, Optix has more than 10,000 unique wireless devices, including phones, tablets, game consoles, and laptops, receiving service over a Xirrus wireless network, representing a ten-fold increase in just one year.

"Xirrus provides the resources we need to be successful -- they enforced great practices for implementation, they trained us, and they were part of each pre-survey, post-survey, and active survey -- the support was nothing short of amazing," said Shane Moulton, co-founder and network engineer at Optix Media. "On every one of our deployments, we lay down Arrays and access points with confidence. I can't tell you how much time we saved and extra wire runs we avoided because of Xirrus."

Design Tool Speeds Deployment, Lowers Costs

Optix uses the Xirrus Wi-Fi Designer to build optimal 802.11 multi-radio network architectures. Xirrus partners also benefit from Wi-Fi Designer-Cloud, a cloud-based application, which makes designing a wireless network rapid and cost-effective. Using Xirrus Wi-Fi-Designer, companies can model different site conditions, configurations and positioning options to visualize the impact on RF coverage and capacity, even accounting for building characteristics and wall construction materials.

"By giving customers, partners, engineers and sales personnel a hassle-free way to test different arrangements of APs and Arrays, and then accurately blueprint their wireless infrastructure, Xirrus Wi-Fi Designer helps more companies and organizations realize the benefits of a predictable, secure, high-performance wireless experience for their users," said Steven Wastie, chief marketing officer for Xirrus. "The application enables our partners to expedite and improve the accuracy of their wireless implementations, providing a simple, yet powerful tool based on predictive design."

Optix Media first identified the Xirrus hardware that best suited the bandwidth needs of student tenants. Today, Optix deploys a mix of XR-520 APs and XR-2430 Wireless Arrays.

The Xirrus XR-520 is the industry's first low-cost, two-radio AP option that delivers the same firmware and features as more costly high-end Wi-Fi Array products. Featuring an integrated wireless controller, built-in Application Control, wireless IDS/IPS, stateful firewall, spectrum analysis, guest access and Bonjour Director for iOS device optimization, the XR-520 allows Optix to prevent single points-of-failure and performance bottlenecks. In addition, because the XR-520 can operate on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, Optix can spread out new devices across the faster 5GHz band, preventing congestion on the 2.4GHz band.

The XR-2430 belongs to the Xirrus XR-2000 Series, which includes the first modular Wi-Fi products that are fully upgradable, highly scalable, and featured with integrated security for consistent performance. The 4-slot chassis allows Optix Media to scale in apartments without adding additional devices. The combination of the XR-2430 and XR-520 allows Optix to use 60 percent less equipment and 60 percent fewer cables and switch ports than competitive solutions. Optix cites minimal installation time, maintenance, and power consumption, as well as immeasurable savings in total cost of ownership (TCO), as reasons for choosing Xirrus.

Wi-Fi to Equip Resort, Even on the Slopes

Since Optix Media's expansion at BYU-I, the company has set up the wireless network infrastructure for the Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. Skiers, with previously limited cell phone service, can now check email, news and social media, and access medical assistance in the case of an emergency while on the chair lift or slopes. This summer, the resort hosted a concert attended by over 5,000 people. Optix used Xirrus Application Control software to make sure that artists' proprietary content would not be unlawfully distributed.

With Application Control IT administrators can set a firewall, apply QoS, and manage more than 900 types of applications under 15 categories using Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and other contextual application-detection techniques. Application Control allows Optix to prioritize critical applications, restrict usage of bandwidth-heavy applications, and block restricted applications from the network.

Optix also has provided wireless networking for Boise Centre, Idaho's premier convention center for meetings, conferences and social events. Today, a Xirrus wireless network covers Boise Centre's 50,000 square feet of exhibition and meeting space, and a 25,000-square-foot ballroom and auditorium with 349 fixed seats with state-of-the-art digital signage.

About Optix Media
Optix Media was founded in 2012 to provide fiber optic and high-performance wireless networks in demanding wireless areas such as apartment complexes, hospitality, hospitals, schools, and convention centers. In 2012 Optix Media started out with 800 students on its wireless network. One year later, Optix Media is approaching 8,000 students on their wireless network and 10,000 unique wireless devices associated daily. Optix Media has partnered with large student housing providers who provide housing throughout the United States. Operating in a MSP (Managed Service Provider) Model, Optix Media is able to develop innovative strategies for customers who need a complete array of networking solutions at an affordable monthly price. Optix Media's corporate offices are located in Pocatello, ID. For more information on Optix Media, please visit: or call 208-242-3711

About Xirrus
Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances, offering consistent "wired-like" performance with superior coverage and security. The Xirrus suite of WI-FI optimized solutions -- Arrays, access points, cloud services, and wired switches -- provide seamless connectivity and unified management across the network. Xirrus provides a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage to industries that depend on wireless to operate business-critical applications. With tens of thousands of customer solutions deployed globally, Xirrus maintains operations and partnerships across the globe. Xirrus is a privately held company and is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA. For more information please visit: and follow us on Twitter: @Xirrus.

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