TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 11, 2013) - Ontario's energy leaders were honoured for their outstanding work at the Ontario Energy Awards this evening. The Ontario Energy Association (OEA) named David McFadden, International Chair and Partner, of Gowlings LLP, the 2013 OEA Leader of the Year; Oakville Hydro Corporation the Large Company of the Year; and Rodan Energy Solutions Inc. the Small Company of the Year.

"These awards not only recognize excellence in the individuals and organizations being honoured tonight, but also the value in the example they provide to the sector," said OEA Interim President and CEO, Mel Ydreos. "They understand success cannot be calculated on a spreadsheet. It's about adopting and pushing innovative technology; being responsible to community needs; and always remaining mindful of the needs of customers and stakeholders."

The awards were handed out during the ENERGYCONFERENCE13 awards gala in front of political and policy leaders from across the province.

"I want to congratulate the winners of the Ontario Energy Awards," said Minister of Energy, The Hon. Bob Chiarelli. "The recipients, Oakville Hydro, Rodan Energy Solutions Inc. and Mr. David McFadden of Gowlings LLP all demonstrate dedication and leadership in the energy sector and are an example for everyone in the industry".

This years winners include:

  • The OEA Leader of the Year, David McFadden, International Chair and Partner, of Gowlings LLP. Mr. McFadden has been a longstanding leader in the sector with his work on the Ontario Distribution Sector Review Panel, his role on the taskforce investigating the 2003 Blackout, and smart grid experience.
  • Oakville Hydro Corporation was awarded the Large Company of the Year Award for its work in providing safe, reliable and sustainable electricity to customers, customer service, communications and market strategy.
  • Rodan Energy Solutions Inc., the OEA's Small Company of the Year, has provided excellent demand response work, Metering Service Provider services, and energy management.

About the OEA: The Ontario Energy Association aspires to be the most credible and trusted voice of the energy sector. We earn our reputation by being an integral and influential part of energy policy development and decision making in Ontario. We represent Ontario's energy leaders including over 150 corporate members that span the full diversity of the energy industry. Together, we are working to build a stronger energy future for Ontario.

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