NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Sociomantic Labs, the leader in programmatic display advertising solutions for eCommerce marketers, today announced the availability of Sociomantic Streaming CRM for Mobile, a personalized dynamic display solution for mobile. Streaming CRM for Mobile will help move mobile display advertising beyond downloads to boost mCommerce by reaching 100 percent of the available real-time biddable inventory with individually created, Flash-free HTML5 ads that work on any mobile device.

Sociomantic mobile campaigns allow eCommerce marketers to use real-time bidding (RTB) to purchase display inventory across the full spectrum of mobile browsers -- including Safari -- as well as in-app display inventory. In addition to RTB-buying, Sociomantic's mobile solution makes it possible to serve highly personalized dynamic display ads across the mobile web -- including devices that do not have Flash installed, such as Apple's iOS devices -- using their proprietary HTML5 dynamic bannering technology. Specialized Streaming CRM integrations also enable Sociomantic's clients to sync campaigns across devices, unifying the multi-device shopping journeys of their customers and prospects.

"Our goal is to create a holistic marketing strategy based on where our customers are spending their time online -- and right now that's Facebook and mobile," said Gerard Florendo, manager of online marketing and Web analytics for fashion retailer Forever 21. "We've been working with Sociomantic for several months and even early in the process we have seen increased traffic to our mobile site and double-digit improvements in conversions. We're looking to scale our online and mobile business faster, drive more return on ad spend and increase revenue through paid channels. Sociomantic is helping us accomplish these goals."

"It's great to see buyers developing solutions that utilize HTML5 and that can take full advantage of the mobile inventory on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, across browsers, apps and devices," says Scott Spencer, Director of Product Management for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. "As users continue to spend more time on mobile devices, it's crucial for advertisers to adopt technologies like HTML5 to allow their marketing messages to be seen in all environments."

Sociomantic's Flash-free Mobile Banners -- an Industry First for Dynamic Display

  • Sociomantic's dynamic banners are generated using a proprietary HTML5 framework which enables eCommerce marketers to serve personalized ads across mobile web and in-app inventory, including Apple's Flash-free iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and the Safari browser for desktop and mobile. This is important because according to research conducted by AdTruth and reported by Advertising Age, iOS accounts for 57 percent of mobile commerce transactions in the U.S. today.

  • Sociomantic mobile campaigns, which include retargeting, prospecting and loyalty, are purchased via RTB using the company's bidding engine. This enables eCommerce marketers to generate an individualized bid for each ad impression and optimize pricing according to marketer-defined performance goals, such as cost-per-action targets for custom audience segments.

  • Sociomantic clients can stream supplemental first-party information -- including CRM, loyalty and yield management data -- to better refine their pricing and messaging strategies. For example, retailers can segment campaigns according to existing customers' purchase histories or loyalty status, and travel companies can segment users based on origin, destination or date-of-departure.

    • Real-time CRM integrations also open the door for cross-device targeting that allows marketers to sync campaign strategies across desktop, Facebook Exchange and mobile inventory, giving a unified view of their customers and prospects across all RTB display channels.

Sociomantic Labs Continues Rapid International Growth, New Customer Acquisition and Increased Market Traction While Maintaining Profitability

  • Sociomantic has maintained profitability since it was founded in 2009 and has experienced hyper-growth in revenue. To date the company has taken on no external funding or venture capital.

  • Sociomantic increased its headcount by more than 210% in the last 12 months, and now has more than 150 employees across 14 offices worldwide.

    • Recent key hires include former Google senior executives Robert Bosch as chief sales officer EMEA, Mahesh Narayanan as managing director of India, Rohit Kumar as managing director of Southeast Asia, and former iProspect executive JB Brokaw as president of North America, former Criteo sales executive Charlie Pitzer as vice president of sales for North America and former Rocket Fuel executive Brian Ferrario as vice president of marketing.

  • Sociomantic is now doing business across six continents covering more than 60 markets. New offices opened within the past year include Sao Paulo, Moscow, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Singapore and Milan. These join existing offices in Berlin, Warsaw, Paris and Amsterdam. Customers include global eCommerce leaders such as Forever 21, Hilton, Rakuten, Dafiti and Zalando.

Key Quotes on Sociomantic Mobile Solution & Growth Trajectory

  • "Mobile convergence and globalization are two things we've been counting on since the early days, and you see it reflected in our technology," said Thomas Brandhoff, Sociomantic co-founder and managing director. "It's been amazing to watch the industry mature, and our clients are thrilled to now be able to use the same techniques they've come to love from our desktop solutions in the mobile channel -- especially on iOS."

  • "These new capabilities are only scratching the surface of the innovations that we hope to roll out to the market in the next twelve months," said Jason Kelly, Sociomantic chief executive officer. "Our commitment to using tomorrow's technologies today is first and foremost a commitment to help our clients succeed as the industry continues to grow and change."

About Sociomantic Labs

Sociomantic Labs drives incremental sales at scale for eCommerce marketers with programmatic display advertising solutions for desktop, Facebook and mobile. Sociomantic's proprietary technologies enable marketers in over 60 countries worldwide to harness the value of CRM and other first-party data assets to deliver individually personalized dynamic ads for retargeting, prospecting and loyalty campaigns -- helping marketers turn real-time data into real-time ROI. Sociomantic has been profitable since its founding in Berlin in 2009, and has grown organically to more than 150 employees in 14 offices across four continents today.


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