BEDFORD, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Diversified Technologies, Inc. has introduced a PEF (pulsed electric field) laboratory system that features PLC controls to let users automatically test numerous treatment conditions.

The Diversified Technologies Laboratory PEF System is totally integrated and features PLC controls to let users examine the utilization of pulsed electric fields over a wide range of products and treatment conditions. Capable of applying 40 kV/cm across a fluid at conductivities up to 10 mS, including 10 kV/cm into seawater, once a process is evaluated using this laboratory PEF system, it can be scaled into a process production system.

Washdown capable, the Diversified Technologies Laboratory PEF System is designed for performing R&D experiments, batch tests, and process develop-ment at up to 50 liters/hr., depending upon the application. PEF processing works through a process of electroporation in cells which destroys the cell membranes by applying short, very high voltage pulses. Applications include food sterilization and the extraction of intracellular materials from algae.

Diversified Technologies' Laboratory PEF System is priced from $49,995.00, depending upon configuration. Literature is available upon request.

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Diversified Technologies, Inc. is the developer and marketer of the PowerMod™ line of high voltage, high power pulse modulators, DC power supplies, and control systems. The firm's products are used worldwide in high power applications such as radar, high energy physics, defense, and food processing. Selected twice by R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most significant products of the year, PowerMod™ systems are available in a wide range of voltage, current, and performance configurations.

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